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We  use this report to map the employee tax deduction details with challan numbers. If you have more than one challan to pay the taxes deducted at source, you can manually select the employees whom you want to map with each challan number.

For Challan Mapping We are Using below T-Codes

Challan Mapping T-Code  —        PC00_M40_CMAP

Assign TAN No to employees —  PC00_m40_utan


1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Human Resources –> Payroll –> Asia/Pacific –> India –>  Utilities –> Challan Mapping Program for Tax Deductions.

Enter Challan Mapping T-code Pc00_M40_CMAP

๐Ÿ™‚ The initial screen of the Challan Mapping Program for Tax Deductions utility program appears. It shows 4 steps to capture the data needed to run this report.


๐Ÿ˜Ž Choose Enter Payroll Period option to start the execution.


On choosing the first option system displays a selection screen.In this selection screen

1,  Enter the Payroll Area.

2, Enter the payroll period for which you want to perform the mapping.

3,  Select the Regular Run or Off-cycle Run indicator on the basis of the payroll run:

Select the Regular Run indicator if you are performing the mapping for a regular payroll period.

Select the Off-Cycle Run indicator if you are performing the mapping for an off-cycle payroll period. If you select off cycle run indicator then the system selects all the offcycle runs existing for the period specified for processing.

4.Choose Next.


➕ Select Next Button & Enter First Payroll Period Challn Details


Next screen Enter 4. Further Processing Step


➕ Next Enter Company Code, All Personnel Areas & Payroll Area After all details click on Execute [F8] Button 


➕ Next Select Challan Details & Tax Deduction Details for all Employees Click on Middle first button  —->>


➕ Next Select Review & Save button


➕ Next Go to Save Button


After Save this screen we need do Same Remaining 11 Payroll Period

Then See Form-16, Amount of tax deducted in respect of the employee & Amount of tax deposited remitted in respect of the employee Balance


Before Challan Mapping we need Check — Personnel areas Address and Feature’s  –40ACK , 40ECC



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    1. Former Member

      Dear Satish,

      document is very Best., but for your information now this transaction code and activity is not use by anybody because of as per Income tax rule Form 16 part B will taken from SAP and Form 16 Part A employee or employer has to take form Income tax site Please.

      Document is very best thanks.

      B M Subhedar


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    Document is prepared very carefully thanks for the same, But this functionality is outdated. This is for your information only please.

    Subhedar B M


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    Hi Satish,

             I am looking this document from so long. It helped me a lot. Very good document Satish. Looking forward for nice documents like this.


    Triven Kumar Reddy.


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