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SAP Enhancement Packages: Welcome to the candy shop

When I first learned about SAP enhancement packages the first thing that came to mind was: Wow! So much new functionality available to choose from [there are over 650 new functionalities as of the latest SAP enhancement package]. Which functionalities will help to improve my customer’s processes? And more important: How can I help my customer discover the relevant new functionality without spending many days reading all the available documentation?

Too many choices.

It reminded me of going back into childhood where I was able to choose a few goodies in the candy store and I wasn’t sure what to select to get the most out of what was available to choose from. Lots and lots of candy, but what did I really want?

Too many choices.

The business function prediction self-service tool guides customers in making those choices around SAP ERP.

I had the pleasure of getting to know the new version of a free, now available as a self-service tool – called business function prediction (SAP Service Marketplace login required) – that can help guide customers in their decision around which new business functions for SAP ERP in the enhancement packages are of relevance for their business.


[Business Function Prediction, accessible with S-user in SAP Service Marketplace]

The business function prediction looks at the customer’s current SAP ERP system usage and compares it against all business functions provided up to the latest enhancement package. Then within minutes it provides a tailored recommendation of the specific business functions in the enhancement packages that would bring the customer value to its business. The customer can gain access to the results as often as needed and use it in discussions between functional experts, IT administrators, and business executives for making a better decision on installing and activating those recommended new enhancements [The results are also stored in the system for later access and only replaced when a new report is generated].


[Sample first-tab of Business Function Prediction Results, in SAP Service Marketplace]

Staying up-to-date on the latest functionality.

The nice thing about enhancement packages is its modular set-up. You don’t need to install the full 650+ business functions. And if you analyze your SAP ERP systems with the business function prediction, you not only get more specific on the technical usages, or groups of business functions, to select, but you also can directly activate them since you know they bring value to your business: You are keeping your SAP ERP systems up-to-date on the latest functionality and you can avoid needing a lengthy, and potentially costly and time-consuming upgrade.


How did my candy selection end?

So what was the outcome of my candy selection dilemma? Just like the business function prediction self-service tool being there to support in selecting the relevant groups of business functions within the enhancement packages, my big, knowledgeable sister was there to help me select the best-tasting candies. And oh were they delicious.

Get to know more about the business function prediction self-service tool.

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      Author's profile photo Martin Hinderer
      Martin Hinderer

      Well, within an (installed) Enhancement Package it might be like a candy shop. If you consider the EhP itself, it is more like a METRO (wholesale/cash and carry) shop: you have to get/install the big whole EhP in order to have your candy choice of this package....

      Depending on your current EhP this might be an effort comparable to a release upgrade.