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Manual Report-to-Report Interface of SAP BO Dashboards to other Reports

Hi Community,

this is my first blog post that is created because of this question:

The Question in an overview should be: Is it possible to jump from a dashboard to another report with filtering it directly? – Yes it is and I will explain in a short post how you can solve this requirement. I will explain it only for a dashboard that filters something to jump to a web intelligence report but it is also possible to jump to a dashboard, a crystal report or a design studio application or something else.

What you need:

You should know how opendocument hyperlinks work (


1. Create a dashboard with the components you need. Create also a webi report because you need the opendocument link for that report in your dashboard.

2. Insert your filtering components like dropdowns or checkboxes for example (screenshot 01)


screenshot 01: Dashboard example with two filter components that are linked to Excel cells.

3. Insert the Base-URL to your second report you want to jump in an Excel cell (screenshot 02). For example:



Screenshot 02: Insert Base URL to an excel cell

4. Underneath you can concatenate all informations you need with Excel functions (screenshot 03). For example:



Screenshot 03: Concatenate all cells you need to create the URL with filter values.


B9 = base-URL to webi report (step 3)

filter1 = name of the parameter you want to pass to the webi report

B3 = in this example the destination of the selected value in the dropdown

filter2 = name of the second parameter you want to pass to the webi report

B5 = in this example the destination of the checkbox (value for checked or unchecked)

5. Create an URL-Button and link the URL property to your concatenated URL (screenshot 04)


Screenshot 04: Insert URL Button with link to your URL cell in Excel

6. Save the dashboard to your BI Platform and open it for example in your BI Launch Pad or via opendocument link. You can now filter your values with the dropdown and the checkbox and these values will pass to your webi report if you click on the URL Button.

I hope this short guide can help you to use a dashboard-to-other-report interface. How you use the opendocument link to pass parameters to your bex query inside the webi is described in other blogs or in the opendocument guide.

Best Regards,


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