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SAP Lumira: Getting Familiar Freehand SQL Against SAP ERP – then to iPad

John Mrozek does a great job of showing how you can connect to your SAP ERP system with Lumira in this blog SAP Lumira 1.0 SP11 – New features at a glance part 1

Note he says you cannot pass parameters in this version.  Therefore you need to ensure you are only returning small amounts of data against your ECC InfoSet.  I am using sample/test data from a custom SAP ERP Special Ledger Infoset.

One item I noticed is there is a button for “SQL History”:


The other thing I learned is you have to click the “Preview data” button before you can “Acquire” the data:


When using Freehand SQL against ECC you get the fields names – the Business Layer from the IDT provides more business-friendly terms,   As a result, I found myself renaming some of the fields and having to reformat, including converting to text:


At this point you can visualize the data in Lumira on the desktop:


Just for fun I publish to the Lumira Cloud:


I can also save the document to the Lumira Cloud:


See below from the Lumira Desktop – it shows the document has saved to the cloud:


After logging on to Lumira cloud ( you can see how it looks (still on the PC browser):


What is also nice is being able to visualize and interact with the data on the iPad:


You can visualize on the iPad:


You can interact and analyze on the iPad as well.


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  • Hi Tammy,

    Nice intuitive article.

    I was successfully able to connect the Lumira to SAP Backend using Java connector as you mentioned.

    However, I am not able to see any of my Backend tables in the list.

    I want to use the data stored in the SAP Backend tables.