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Author's profile photo Ronald Konijnenburg

SAP Innojam 2013 Netherlands – Introducing the SAP nut

It’s sunday afternoon. I just finished my homework, brewed myself a nice coffee and put my youngest boy to bed. Time to do my writeup off #InnoJamNL (use that hashtag to find some great tweets and pictures).

For me it was a special event. It was my first (community) event as a SAP Mentor. Without the shirt, but with the pride of knowing I was building solutions with guys and galls from the SCN community who nominated me into this great role.

So what is so impressive about an InnoJam? For me it is the competition within teams to build the best solution, without real competition. InnoJam teams consist of SAP nuts (apologies for lack of finding a better word). And do you know what drives a SAP nut? Wanting to build the best solution regardless of the team he is assigned to. Everybody helps everybody. True community spirit

So is it all good? My personal reflection:

The good

1. Work with the latest technology: HANA Cloud, SAPUI5, OData, Business Objects. We’ve seen and used it all
2. Get a hands on Design Thinking training. Great concept with one thing in mind: build the best solution for your customer (persona) keeping in mind what is most important for him when doing his job
3. An endless supply of Food!

The “could be better”
1. Food. Well, less of it that is. I gained two kilos in 30 hours. I am still hyper from a sugar rush, cannot believe how great that Jägermeister from Fred Verheul tasted in the middle of the night and you lady, you know who you are, I cannot stop thinking about your Indian food!
2. Our solution. It hit me like a bolt of lightning yesterday. Our team build the most (I dare to say best, sorry Leo van Hengel, you know you rock) technical solution using a wide variety of technologies (HANA, Dashboard Builder, Lumira, SAPUI5), but did not finish in the top 3. We had Geographical information in Lumira, dashboards designed by the Dutch crown prince of dashboard design …. and to top it off a UI5 based HTML5 app able to search through data in real time, presenting the results in graphs and tables! It was magic!

So why didnt we win I asked myself?  In my opinion, we stepped into the one trap an SAP nut needs to watch out for: wanting to build the most technically advanced solution possible, without re-checking if this still is the best solution for the end-user. And there lies a great learning point. It is not about using all technologies at hand, it is it is about building the best solution possible for your persona. Bob Ross, our teams persona, I know your out there and would agree ;-).

And with that ladies and gentlemen we come back to one of the most important things of an InnoJam: to learn new skills. Surprisingly enough, for me it was not about learning new technical tricks this time.

So that leaves me with some final well deserved thank you’s: thank you awesome teams, thank you InnoJam and Design Thinking teams, thank you VNSG and last but not least, thank you beautiful wife and 3 kids for letting me do what I do best: learn new skills, even on a free Saturday, even when they are not technical.

Take care and till next time,


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      Author's profile photo L. van Hengel
      L. van Hengel

      Hey Ronald,

      Thanks for the mention and great write-up. I really had a great time and it's always nice to "compete" against you for the 3rd time within 1 year.

      I agree you had the most technical solution. In fact you had 3 solutions, but as you mentioned it's really important to build a solution for your personas. They don't care which technologies you have used they just wanna see a cool application on an iPad 😉

      I just checked the InnoJamNL pictures online and saw a photo of our Prototype, which was almost the same as what we presented in our final presentation. So yes Design Thinking really helps to improve building a correct solution for your persona.

      Off course we were lucky to have the Cloud Connector available to work around the firewall issues. I was really happy with that!

      See you at the next DemoJam/InnoJam 🙂



      Author's profile photo Ronald Konijnenburg
      Ronald Konijnenburg
      Blog Post Author

      Tx for the comment Leo! You deserved to win. Lets keep that to a minimum :-). Till next time amigo!

      Author's profile photo Robin van het Hof
      Robin van het Hof

      Hi Ronald,

      Great blog post, you've captured the spirit of InnoJam really well!

      I am feeling honored to have been part of your team, and although we didn't make the top 3, IMO every team can be seen a winner on this year's InnoJamNL since everyone delivered a working solution in 30 hours.

      The true magic 😉 of an InnoJam is indeed the (inter-)team dynamics. To be able to deliver a more or less Desirable, Viable and Feasible solution in such a short timespan with such a diverse group of people in a team amazes me each year again!

      Therefore, my main takeaway from an InnoJam is not so much about learning (about) new technical solutions and/or skills, but learning from other people.

      I am already looking forward to next year's InnoJam!

      Author's profile photo Ronald Konijnenburg
      Ronald Konijnenburg
      Blog Post Author

      Well said! Agree with you 100%.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Fred's Jäger (mixed with RedBull) almost got me through the night! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Well Ronald and Robin, for sure our powerplay was nice. Thnx for the great time, but like you said at the end, we've lost the true goals of Bob Ross a bit.

      Nevertheless, it's was real fun and we had 'The Joy of Painting' 😎

      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Hi Ronald,

      Great write up, and thanks for the mention. We'll surely repeat the booze next year 🙂 .

      I really love your learning point, and agree it's more important to build the right thing than whatever technological feat you can accomplish during 30 hours. Glad you took something out of the event 😉 .

      Finally: thanks again for being, in true sapmentor spirit, not only a participant, but also saphana expert, helping out other teams!

      Cheers, Fred