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SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Technical Support Twitter – Sharing Knowledge

In this blog I would like to invite SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard designers to follow us on Twitter; . SAPDashboard. SAP Crystal Report designers have been following us since January of this year ( SAPCRDes ) and  Visual Studio .NET developers using SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Crystal Reports Application Server and Business Objects Enterprise (BI) SDKs have had that choice for years (SAPCRNETSup ).

The intent of these Twitter channels is to spread technical information as it is published by SAP Product Support. I believe that freely sharing technical knowledge with the users of any software is the only scalable solution that helps the user to learn, to solve and to resolve issues with their software. The existing SAP Crystal Reports channels tweet KBAs, Wikis, Blogs, Articles, SAP Ideas, Update Information such as Service Pack releases, Jive Documents and more as deemed necessary.  The SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Technical Support Twitter channel will be no different. There is never any advertising or marketing content and there is never more than two or three tweets sent out in any one day. The tweets come in the following format:

KBA: KBA number – Title of KB – URL

Wiki: Title of wiki – URL 

Blog: Title of Blog – URL 

Article: Title of Article – URL   

SAP Idea: Title of Idea – Vote up – URL

Jive Doc: Title of Document – URL

Info: Title of info – URL

For example a tweet of a KBA would look like this:


Quick, easily consumable and to the point. Hundreds of SAP Crystal Reports users and developers are already following us. Join them and get up to date information that you need to do your job.

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  • Hi Ludek,

    I have sent a tweet but have not recieved a reply. Could you possibly provide me with your input in regards tot he following please?

    Bottom question by myself.

    I have various topics on SAP in regards to the same topic but no-one seems to eb able to give me a definitive answer. It appears I cannot have query prompts in dashboards with both bex prompts and dashboard queries. Please confirm

    thank you

    Michael Hale

    • Hello Michael

      I only support Crystal Reports and BI/BO .NET SDK. My tweets are more of a published KBAs info for those products and I don’t know anything about bex (did I spell that right? 🙂 ).

      Couple of things you should be bale to do though;

      1) I notice in the link you provided that you attached to an answered Discussion (post). See if creating a new Discussion will help.

      2) Since you are asking about bex, you must have phone support included with your product. E.g.; create a phone support incident via the SAP Service Market Place.

      – Ludek

      • Thank you for replying Ludek. We have consultants who dealw ith this but htye want paying huge sums so hence why i am trying to get a definitive answer. Also I have begun lot’s of discussions but no answer unfortunately 🙁

        Thank you for responding

        • Ahhh – I get it.

          Now, the link you provided goes to the SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards SCN Space. The overview of that Space tells you what products it “supports”. E.g.;

          Find the latest white papers, tutorials, free trial downloads, blogs, dashboard templates, and service pack hot fixes for SAP business intelligence (BI) dashboard software, including SAP Crystal Dashboard Design and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius).

          So, it is not a bex Space per se…

          The first thing to do is to ensure that a query is posted to the correct Space (though admittedly if it is not, it should be moved by a moderator – if they have the rights). Anyhow, reading your post, I am not sure that it concerns BusinessObjects Dashboards(?). If it does not, please see the doc at this link:

          and find the most appropriate Space. If you think you are in the right Space, let me know and I’ll take out my people prod and get someone to help you out.

          With apologies,

          – Ludek

          • Hi Ludek

            Thanks again for your response. It is to do with dashboards as I am tryign to get the query prompt selector in dashboards 4.0 to use both a bex prompt and a dashboard query (prompt). The problem is if you have a bex prompt you cant add query prompts in dashboards (otherwise the bex prompts disappears).

            As SAP own BOTH Bex (SAP NETWEAVER Business explorer query designer) and dashboards surely someone from SAP can tell me? My other screenshot in the previosu URL details the issue.

            I am frustrated with SAP as I cannot seem to ascertain a dfefinitive answer!!

            Thanks Ludek 🙂

            Sorry my post is the 4th from bottom or 2nd fromt op witht he big screenshot showing the prompt greyed out.


          • Hi Ludek

            Had an answer!

            Hello Michael,

            Dashboards cannot handle the case when there is dependencies among prompts at runtime, so the “parent” prompts will be disable for end user to change value at runtime. The combination of Bex Variable and Dashboards prompts is one of above case, that’s why you cannot use and see the dashboard prompts in your dashboard.

            This is not bug but a known limitation, this is a feature that Dashboards cannot handle well, we have address it as SAP note 1927377.

            Best regards,