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Author's profile photo Billy Warring

Orphaned items in your MAI

Information about the issue(s):

I started to notice numerous errors under ‘Solution Manager Administration’ work center > ‘Self-Diagnosis’ that among the various issues a red light for ‘Managed Object Configuration MAI Directory’.  Clicking on the Display details I see references to systems that I removed from the LMDB before removing it from other various monitoring solutions offered by SolMan (my early days as a SolMan Basis admin); so I recently came across a report that allowed me to resolve the issue.


  • Fire up SAP GUI
  • SE38
  • Run the following  AC_ALRT_ANALYSIS_TOOLS
  • Activate Expert Mode (Not needed to review Invalid data, but needed to perform the actual deletion)
  • Click on ‘Find and Delete Invalid Data’ under the ‘Configuration Tools’ section – This will display two tabs ‘Entries without active Managed Object (I have a list of Database Table(s) and the counts are all 0) and ‘Managed Object without valid Entry Point assignment’ (This is where I had numerous entries and the source of my error).


  • Take note of the ‘Managed Object ID’ column (I suggest a ‘ctrl Y’ and select all of the Object IDs to copy and paste into excel/spreadsheet)
  • Go back to the main page of the AC_ALRT_ANALYSIS_TOOLS report

**WARNING**   The next steps can be self inflicting, I suggest a backup of SolMan before proceeding.

  • Click on ‘Delete Managed Objects’ under the ‘Configuration Tools’ section – you will be presented with a screen asking for input, if it matches, then it is removed from your system.


  • Now go back to your spreadsheet and select one of the Object IDs
  • Put the Object ID in the first box and execute
  • Rinse & Repeat until you complete your list

Ending Thoughts:

Navigating back to ‘Solution Manager Administration’ work center > ‘Self-Diagnosis’ and clicking the ‘Execute All’ button again it will force a refresh check for all items, and now that I don’t have missing Object IDs the ‘Managed Object Configuration MAI Directory’ has now switched to a green status.

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      Author's profile photo Symon Braunbaer
      Symon Braunbaer

      Hello Billy,

      I am using Solution Manager 7.1 SPS 12. Unfortunately, the report looks

      different for me. On the fifth bullet, you are saying "Click on 'Find and Delete Invalid Data' under the 'Configuration Tools' section". I do not have a 'Configuration Tools' selection, but a 'Configuration' tab. I could not find a button called 'Find and Delete Invalid Data' in the entire transaction:

      Could you kindly update the article with a section on SPS 12 and include more screenshots with highlighting which buttons need to be clicked with red rectangles. Many thanks in advance!

      Author's profile photo Hrishav Kumar
      Hrishav Kumar

      Hello Symon,

      MAI on SolMan 7.0 ( including EHP1) and SolMan 7.1 are very different.

      This document seems to be have been prepared by Billy on the version 7.0 EHP1.



      Author's profile photo Billy Warring
      Billy Warring
      Blog Post Author

      @Hrishav, MAI never existed on SolMan 7.01; so its not possible to run this report.

      When I wrote this content I was on SolMan 7.1 stack level 08; SAP has since changed the report with stack level 10 and I believe made some more changes with the release of stack level 12.

      Author's profile photo Hrishav Kumar
      Hrishav Kumar

      @ Billy: Thanks for the update mate. I confused MAI with BPMON. 😕

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      For future reference, you can find this functionality in MAI_TOOLS, on the Analysis tab.

      Run "Check Directory Consistency" and choose option "find unassigned data". You can even run the deletion from there now.

      Author's profile photo Billy Warring
      Billy Warring
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks @Robbie, thats good info to know about!! 😎