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Option Button Fix after portal upgrade in EP7.31


In this document, I am explaining how to fix option button issue which arises when Portal upgrades from 7.0 to 7.31

Problem Description:

Clicking on Option Button will do nothing on IE. It shows Warning (yellow exclamation) in the status bar.

Message: ‘undefined’ is null or not an object File: popup_ie6.js


Before Screenshot:

IE Browser —


Chrome Browser

      .       option chrome.JPG

Steps to follow:

In order to apply the solution we need to replace the emptyover.html file in the nested file of our exported custom theme. The workaround is as follows:

1.     Export our custom theme (back it up <OUR_THEME>.ZIP). In case we experience problems with exporting the theme.

Please follow the note KBA 1752543 “Unexpected end of archive – Error When Opening Theme Zip Created Using Theme Export”.
*** It is very important that we can open the theme ZIP file after the export without any error ***
Store a backup copy in a safe place before proceeding.

2.       Open the exported custom theme (see step 1) <OUR_THEME>.ZIP file, and open -> common

3.       Delete the existing emptyhover.html file

4.      Insert emptyhover.html attached in the document (or we can take it from any SAP default theme).                   

5.       Save changes in archive and double check the emptyhover in -> common. Other empythover.html files e.g. in the are not important.

6.       Clear browser cache (press CTRL + SHIFT + Delete).
          Import the modified <OUR_THEME>.ZIP theme. Select checkbox – overwrite if exist and start the import.

7.       Test the new modified theme.

After Screenshot:

IE Browser —

                option IE after.JPG

Chrome Browser

                          option IE after.JPG



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