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HOWTO – Create a SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Repository on SAP HANA

Just a brief guide about creating a SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Repository on SAP HANA.

I hope this guide would be helpful for you. Have fun! 🙂


Prepare the HANA Server to host the Data Services Repository

  1. Launch the SAP HANA Studio
  2. To create the specific user – and the connected schema that will host all the tables of the new Data Service Repository – expand the desired HANA System and then Security folder


  3. Right click on Users and select New User


  4. Enter username – in this case DSERV_REPO – and password (the password have to be changed after the first logon) and click on Deploy


  5. The easiest way to check if the user was successfully created and to change the linked password is to add a new connection to the HANA Server, naturally using the credentials just created. So, right click on the Navigation Panel and select New System…


  6. Enter the required information and click on Next >


  7. Enter the credentials of the user you just created and click on Finish


  8. Enter a new password and click on OK


  9. Expanding the freshly added system, the Catalog folder and the schema DSERV_REPO, you can check that there are no tables inside

Create the Data Service Repository

  1. In order to create an ODBC Connection, on the system where SAP Data Services have been installed, navigate to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools and then click on Data Sources (ODBC)
  2. Click on System DNS tab and then on Add button


  3. Select HDBODBC (in this document is assumed that SAP HANA Client was already installed on the machine where SAP BusinessObjects Data Services is running)


  4. Enter a name for the data source, the host name and the connection port; click on Connect to test it


  5. Enter the credentials of the user previously created on HANA


  6. If the connection is successful, click on OK and close all the windows


  7. Launch the Data Services Repository Manager; clicking on Start -> All Programs -> SAP Business Objects Data Services -> Data Services Repository Manager
  8. Obviously select SAP HANA as Database type; click on the check box Use Data Source Name and select the ODBC connection you created before; enter username e password


  9. Click on Get Version to check you are not going to overwrite an existing DB


  10. If the system reports the DB exists but the tables are not valid, you can proceed clicking on Create


  11. Clicking again on Get Version,you will now receive a different message


  12. Click on Close
  13. If you go back to HANA Studio, you can now see that the Tables folder has been populated


  14. Now you need to create a Data Services Connection to the new Data Services Repository stored on HANA.
    Go to Start -> All Programs -> SAP Business Intelligence -> Information platform services 4.0 and click on Information platform services Central Management Console; login on Central Management Console


  15. Click on Data Services


  16. Click on Manage and then on Configure repository


  17. Enter the required information and then click on Test Connection



  18. Click on Save and then on Log Off
  19. If you login on Data Services Designer (go to Start -> All Programs -> SAP Business Objects Data Services, click on Data Services Designer), you will see that the new repository is now present


Configure a job server

  1. You now need to configure a Job Server so you can execute jobs on the Data Services Repository hosted on HANA.
    Go to Start -> All Programs -> SAP Business Objects Data Services and click on Data Services Server manager
  2. Many repositories can be connected to the same Job Server; so click on Configuration Editor


  3. Select Job Server_1 and click on Edit


  4. Click on Add button
  5. Enter the required information and the click on Apply button


  6. Close the windows clicking on OK and then click on Close & Restart

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      • Hi Riccardo,

        It is was a awsome brief about how to do it, I’m facing a problem, and you may able to help me, I have create tables(as Target) in my Datastore which is part of Repository, to perform ETL.

        this created table could be imported to HANA Studio i dont know why ? to be able to execute Batch-Job :-/ any solution ?

        Thanks alot


        • Hi Mirella,

          if I understood well, you would like to use HANA also as your Target DB.

          What about using template tables instead of importing “old” tables?

          You can easily do it – DS will automatically create “physical” table on HANA.

          1. On HANA Studio, create a new user as you did for the repository
          2. On Data Services Designer, click on the Datastores tab
          3. Right-click in the blank area and click on New
          4. In the new windows, enter a name for you target DB
          5. In the Datastore type box, click on Database
          6. In the Database type box, click on SAP HANA
          7. In the Database version box, select HANA 1.x
          8. Check the field Use data source name
          9. In the Data source name box, select the connection to your HANA Server
          10. Insert username & password of the freshly created user
          11. Click on OK button
          12. Open the desired Data Flow and, from the tools palette on the right, select Template Table
          13. Click on the blank space
          14. Enter a name for the table; in the Datastore field select your HANA DB

          When you execute the job for the first time, this table would be created inside HANA DB.

          • Hi Riccardo,

            I think, you have got me wrong, and sorry for not explaining more clearly, I have already created template tables (as target )and I wanna these to be imported to HANA but it is not working with me at all (weird) :-/ at the beginning it has worked (I could import two tables ) but the others couldn’t .

            I thank you very very much !!



          • Hi Mirella,

            ok, I was totally wrong 🙂 .

            Essentially, after running a job, you click on the magnifying lens on the bottom-right corner of the target table you can see a SQL error message, right? Honestly no idea what’s the issue…

            Have you tried to create a table on HANA, import it on DS Designer and use it as target?

            Can you upload at least a screenshot?



          • Hi Mirella,

            really no clue… just a stupid question: are you using an HANA instance on Amazon EC2?

            Is your HANA system currently reachable by the system where you are running DS?

            You can easily check it using ODBC (Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools and then click on Data Sources).


          • Hi Riccardo,

            No, i don’t …does the version of the JobServer or the Repository play a role ?

            i have checked ODBC, everything is perfect ..but still having  a problem


  • Thanks, very useful. One question: I created a HANA repository by using the user “SYSTEM” and would like to delete this repository now.

    Is this possible and how to do that? I didn’t find a “Delete” option in the repository manager.

      • Hi Riccardo,

        thanks a lot!!! I tried that and was able to delete the tables vie HANA studio. But unfortunately I cannot delete the according schema, because the deletion of a schema with the prefix “_SYS_” is not permitted. Data Services create the schema “_SYS_DATAPROV”

        • Hi Wolfgang,

          are you working with the user “SYSTEM”?

          If you created the schema using this user, I’m pretty confident you should be able to delete the schema – anyway I can’t verify it, since I don’t know “SYSTEM” credentials of my HANA Server.

          • Hi Ricardo, I created the repository via BOBJ repository manager and so the name of the schema in HANA was created automatically with the prefix “_SYS_”. But you cannot delete a schema with prefix “_SYS_” in HANA…..

  • Hi Riccardo,

    Nice step by step blog. What would be the benefit of using HANA DB as repository vs MSSQL? Is there any speed benefit of data processing by jobs?



    • Hi Rajan,

      actually this was just an exercise for me, I was just checking if HANA could be used to store also BODS repositories.

      And I’m confident you will not face any performance improvement for BODS jobs using HANA… now I expect to be contradicted soon 🙂