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Some quickly blogged top tips on SAP CPS by Redwood license management:

  1. Process Server licensing confusion? Although there are several different entries for Process Servers (e.g. ProcessServerService.External.limit, ProcessServerService.OS.limit, etc. — basically ProcessServerService.*) these are not cumulative. They will always each have the same value in the SAP version of this software (AKA Cronacle) and this indicates that this repeated number is limit for total number of Process Servers (this includes all types; Platform Agent Process Servers, SAP System Process Servers, etc.)
  2. Some functionality requires specific entries in your license to be enabled, even in the Enterprise version. To check what your license contains just navigate to the Configuration section of the NavBar and check your License
  3. For further license checks CPS Administrators should have access to the License Manager – http://server:port/scheduler/ui/licence/manager.jsp see . Link:

Regards to the SAP world out there – hope that’s helpful to someone

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