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Immigration and the oportunity to do what you like. Montreal

I always heard that immigration gives to you the opportunity to redefine your professionals goals and restart in something that could be your passion, but that maybe for different reasons you could take as profession or a live style.

After one year in my new Homeland “Montreal”, place that I love and where I feel that working hard all my professional and personal wishes could become true; I realize that work with IT and Accountancy will be my dream job. There’s a chance in my new city? Who Knows? I been looking for opportunities as final user, but the  market situation in relation to SAP in Montreal and Quebec is not clear to me, since I have the impression that most of the companies use other tools as ERP.

I been searching for someone who could give me some advise regarding how to focus my career and the steps to follow. Anyway, I just want to enjoy the trip and this year I’ll take some courses which are prerequisites in my School (HEC Montreal) to take the SAP Basic certificate next year.

If you want to help me giving me some advise, I’m open and anxious to heard you!

Thanks in advance!


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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Argenis, welcome to SCN!

      You might want to start by reading this excellent blog by Thomas Dulaney (and all of his blogs, actually) as well as other materials in the Career Center space. I'd strongly urge you to read those before you spend any money/effort on SAP certification.

      It's very difficult to add anything to Thomas's blogs, but I can't pass an opportunity to dish out some free advice. 🙂 So here it goes.

      Best advice I can give in general is the same as The Cat gave to Alice - know where you want to get to. Have one big goal and then build some smaller goals that will get you there. It is extremely important to chose the big goal wisely and be very honest with yourself. Do you really-really want to work with SAP and nothing else or do you just want to have a nice job that pays well? Your smaller goals will depend on that, so - once again - it's extremely important. And only you can make this choice, no one else.

      As a fellow immigrant (although in another country) I'd like to caution you to keep the expectations very low. It's really sad to see when people make all the effort to cross the ocean expecting some life-changing experience, but then end up miserable and unhappy.

      As far as specifics of the Canadian job market - unfortunatelly, I'm not familiar with the situation there. But reaching to a local SAP user group (I believe Canada is also part of ASUG) would most likely be beneficial. This could probably be arranged through your school. For example, our local ASUG chapter actually meets on a school campus and the students attend the meetings.

      Good luck!

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      Former Member
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      Many  thanks Jelena.  I'm sure where I want to be. Thanks for your advise. I'll let you know my opinion after read the Thomas Dulaney Blog!

      Author's profile photo Thomas Dulaney
      Thomas Dulaney

      I *love* that quote from Lewis Carrol and I am now going to shamelessly use it in multiple blogs. 🙂   Thanks for the shout-out, Jelena, and the awesome quote!

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Luke Marson
      Luke Marson

      Montreal is one of my favorite cities, although the forceful spread of the French language will make it difficult for you to find work unless you speak French.

      Good luck in your quest!

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      Former Member
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      Thank you Luke, Since I arrived here, I took a french classes and I'm getting my university equivalence diploma in French at HEC Montréal, also I want to make the SAP courses that the University offers I hope that's helps to get into this SAP fascinating world on my new hometown.

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      Former Member
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      Have a great day!

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      Author's profile photo Jose Antonio Martinez
      Jose Antonio Martinez

      Dear Argenis:

      I don't have any experience in Canada market, but I think you make the first step, GO TO CHASE YOUR DREAMS!!

      Sometimes is not easy as we want, but if you try and give your best effort, You will not feel disappointed.

      My best wishes in the next challenge!!


      Antonio Martinez