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Configuration of N-Step Shopping Cart Workflow (SLAPPROVER Attribute)

This document explain customizing needed to implement without any development a N-step workflow using the “SLAPPROVER” attribute, to clarify the explanation the whole document is based on a fake business case described below.

Business Case: customer establishes that the SC will need to be approved by line managers depending on SC total value with the follow criteria:

User1 -> Approval Limit $0

Manager  of Org Unit 3 -> Approval Limit $200

Manager  of Org Unit 2 -> Approval Limit $500

Manager  of Org Unit 1 -> Approval Limit $1000

Solution Detail

Step 1) Create Organizational Units in Organizational Plan

imagen 1.png

TIP: a purchasing group must be responsible for the root organizational unit.

Step 2) Complete SLAPPROVER attribute

This attribute indicates which user will approve in case of exceed the own approval limit. The value must be US+<USER ID OF APPROVER> Ex: USAPROB3 and is completed at Position level.

For this example the SLAPPROVER attribute was customized as shown below:

imagen 2.png

Step 3) Definition of Approval Limit Values 

The Approval limit values could be defined at PFCG Role Level or at Position Level in “Extended Attributes” tab.

Definitions for the Sample:

imagen 3-a.png

imagen 3-b.png

In case you choose to maintain the approval limit at PFCG role, go to “Personalization” tab imagen 4.png

Step 4) Worklfow Configuration

TIP : Create a BRF Rule in order to run the right process schema. 

SPRO->Cross Application Basic Settings -> Business Workflow-> Process Controlled Worklfow -> Define Process Level

imagen 5-a.png

imagen 5-b.png

Process Level Configuration

imagen 6.png

In case the system cannot determine the approver ( i.e Shopping Cart with ammount $2000 ) will run automatic approval.

Hope This Help !!


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  • Hi,

    Thnaks for sharing this document, I’ve configured the above steps in my sandbox.

    Before it was on sample BC set activated with 1step approval.

    Now after configuration as explained above step to step… when I tried to create a shopping cart i am getting workflow related dump.

    Unable to get create shopping cart screen.

    Did I miss something ? Apppreciate for any help on it.


    • Hi Govardhan, I configure this in my sandbox too and I had no issue, maybe you can try use the “Automatic Approval BC” .

      If it works fine maybe the issue is about the BRF rule or the Organization structure because this is all standard customizing and in case no working the system will not determine approvers but in no case the result should be a Dump.

      Hope this Help!


  • Great and simple document! Thanks for sharing!

    But i have one query here, if APROB1 is getting triggered, then i want to omit other 2 approvers  APROB2 and APROB3. Because highest level approver is APROB1.

    Could you please let us know, how to acheive this functionality. As per your document, i have configured, but all 3 approvers are triggering.


    Venkatesh P

    • HI Venkatesh,

      I have the same requirement to design the approval flow. Can you please advise with your option on skipping an approval level and go to next level if value is higher as you mentioned in your comment.


      Dhanasekar MP