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Why do we see SAP HANA as Technology instead of ValueDriver

It was very interesting for me to see the different, very passionate, discussions which happened on the SAP Mentor Space both regarding HANA, Cloud and Mentors that I thought it might be better to hold back for a few days and to see what is happening. In may case I simply felt that my voice got bigger and I wanted to make sure that I am not abusing this new power.

I have been very passionate about SAP HANA since its very launch and I love to see how everyday I am able to learn new things and speak to new people which make my life a lot more interesting, business wise. The journey has never been easy, but this is what is takes to be part of a revolution. Revolutions typically start at some point, get moving but it is not written in rock that the direction will not change. In fact most recent revolutionary movements have shown us that the final result can be quite different from what one would have expected.

Now the HANA revolution has started and found rapidly adaptors who love this new “Platform” and put a lot of effort into it to make it bigger. At the beginning the main value which got attributed to HANA was speed. I guess we all still recall the 100k Club etc. Whilst Speed is important, by itself it is probably not as important as for having mass adoption in record time. But then Speed can be value, a very important value if not the most important value. For a person with a heart attack, every second counts in order to have chances to recover well. In Business it is of very high importance to be able to make the right decisions based on facts. In today’s world and with today’s systems those facts were often not available on the spot so management was looking at information which was x-days old and had to make assumptions.

I was not able to attend in person SAPPHIRE 2013 but I saw the video of the KeyNote of Hasso Plattner. I liked very much the demo which was shown on the shopping basket analysis. To me it was simply a fantastic example of why speed could be important. If I take the example to a next level and think of myself shopping. I use the Personal Shopper System at my Supermarket (barcode scanner you carry with you through the store). Supermarkets could take the above example and:

     – Analyze when I was the last time I bought razor blades and offer me on the screen a special promo for example when I am getting closer to the blades

     – Focus much more on my in store shopping behaviour (is there a certain route I am taking)

     – Remind me even that I still have promo coupons which I have not cashed in

Yes it is a very simple example but, yet being simple I have not seen it implemented, but this is where the value is. Make sure you communicate with your customers while they are still in the store.

This makes also the linkage between HANA and Mobility ever more obvious. Yet again I have seen many cool things on the technology side but I have seen yet few people talk about real business value.

HANA is also not the only kid on the block anymore which has In-Memory. IBM is very actively launching its DB2 BLU, Terradata launching their version and of course the popular MongoDB. All have one thing in common they work with large amounts of RAM and can help accelerate certain processes. It is my guess that we need to focus now with growing competition more on the Value story than on the bits and bytes of a solution. Or as I tend to tell to my customers I am driving a car I have never worried how the fuel gets into the cylinders to make an ignition. I care about the fact that my car is driving.

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      Author's profile photo Kumar Mayuresh
      Kumar Mayuresh

      Hi Carsten,

      Great blog and summary, yes HANA revolution happened as technology - and now need to be addressed as a value driver. 

      To be SAP HANA as a value driver now it need to evolve as a platform and we are pretty much seeing it, its getting better day by day as a platform.

      HANA Revolution need to be fueled by Evolution of Applications on top of HANA which can leverage HANA speed and power making business process a lot easier.