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Starter Blog for SAP LT Replication Server

you are new to real-time replication?
No worries 🙂 , with this blog I would like to share all relevant documents, links and other material that you get speed up an boost you knowleadge.

Get an overview:
  1. Watch the Overview Video: Real-Time Data Integration for SAP HANA
  2. Have a look at the presentation: Overview Presentation
  3. InfoSheet:

Find the official documents:     

More videos at the HANA acadamy website to train yourself:



Within this blog I would like to share all information an SLT newbie needs to know – let me know if you miss anything or send me the material/links that I should add.



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  • Hello Tobias,


    Thanks for sharing the above information.


    Can you pls list out all replication relevant functions for SAP LT repliation? Would be great help. And also was trying to run tcode LTR and LTRO in my ECC6 system. It says the tr code is invalid.. Can you pls clarify on this




  • Hello Tobias,

    Excellent documentation! However, I would like to mention that a few links such as the security guide and application operations guide are broken or have been updated for HANA SP05. Can you please update the links?



    Suresh Gururajan

  • /
  • HelloTobias ,


    Excellent blog to know every thing about SLT  . Could you please update the detailed monitoring of SLT Replication using LTRC transaction or some other tools ,so that it will be very use full for everyone who are going to work or already working on SLT .

  • Quick Question Tobias.



    Do you know if we can schedule the start and stop of replication on a daily basis. I am not referring to scheduling the replication here.



    My scenario is Source SQL Server DB -> SLT NW System -> HANA.



    Everyday Source SQL Server gets refreshed and we are manually stopping the replication just after refresh and starting it again. We know this will delete and create triggers which we are fine with. Is there a way we could automate this at all. Please advise.





  • Hi Tobias


    Great blog. Thanks.


    I am interested in the Load Statistics tab.

    What are the tables that feeds this view?

    I would like to replicate these tables to HANA and create a view and dashboard to track the replication status and progress.

  • hi Tobias,


    We have installed SLT SP9  which supports Oracle DB as target. We could not find any documents for this


    can you please help with this – we are replicating data from SAP ECC to oracel db via SLT & we need clue on how to table woudl be replciated in oracle/what structure be created etc.



    Also any other learnings you are aware of.



  • Great Overview, thank you!
    Anyhow one question: is there ar more current version of the Overview slides available? This still relates to SP05 and is from 2013.
    A newer version would be great!
    Thank you

  • Hi Tobias,


    Thanks for the above documents!!!


    Can you please comment on where we can find the information of the SAP supported databases compatibility information with SLT system??


    Also do you have any document which will be having DB2 as target system with ECC as source system, Please suggest???



  • Hi Tobias,


    actually I’m a little confused on whether SLT application-based replication from e.g. ERP/Oracle towards Simple Finance meanwhile has been realized .. the info sheet does list it as a given (Application-based Replication Scenarios – Support of Simple Finance) whereas SLT overview presentation still shows it as planned innovation.


    Now that DMIS_2011 SP10 was released end of December is above scenario being supported ?


    Cheers, Carsten

  • One thing that isn’t entirely clear is whether the LT Replication Server is meant for providing NZDT for a DR scenario.  Today we use storage replication/mirroring to keep our DR database in sync. All of the literature suggests moving data from SAP non-HANA or non-SAP environments to an SAP HANA environment.


    Can we use SLT to replicate an ECC/CRM/APO/BI environment to an equivalent DR


  • Hi Tobias


    Very nice blog ! Kudos to you and your team,

    I have gone thru the various links, however, i am unable to find a right document on “S4H- Central Finance (On HEC/AWS cloud) integration with On-Premises ERP thru SLT (for very High Volume, real time Integration with multiple SAP and Non SAP ERP systems)


    Can you please suggest

    1. if SLT supports above scenario?

    2. is SLT recommended on Target (S4H on Cloud) or source (ERP on-premises) ?

    3. Is there any technical limitation on Volume of Data or alternatively how to compute SLT sizing in such hybrid scenario?


    any response will be highly appreciated.



    Rajendra Jain

  • Thanks Tobias. Nice compilation!


    Can you help to find out which target databases are supported?


    In the slides I only see HANA as the target database.


    We have a Project where we would like to replicate

    Src DB2

    Dest1 DB2

    Dest2 SAP BW


    Tanks in advance



  • Hi Tobias,


    We are loading Material master from ECC to MDG system and we are facing an issue while loading MBEW table. We are getting error as Duplicate secondary index. Source table records are already written to the target table except the 1 record which failed. But in LTRC data transfer window, the status of the table is fluctuating between ‘In Process’ and ‘Failed’. Can you please provide some info on this issue.



    Aditi Kalia

    • Hello Aditi,


      Please check SAP note 1919356 – Duplicate key error on System Landscape Transformation (SLT) system\



      Amar ghuge