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SAP WebGUI for Mobile Android Devices


EDIT: As of 07-07-2015 it appears the Dolphin Web Browser for Android devices no longer gives any viable functionality to the WebGUI along with many other popular web browsers. However, the “CM Web Browser“, found in the Play Store, does allow basic functionality. It only appears to allow access to transaction codes through the favourites or SAP menu. A work around to this is to “Insert a Transaction” into your favourites if it is not listed and access the transaction code this way. To execute a transaction or to get more options on the menu, press and hold on the favourite (transaction code) to get more options (like right clicking it) and select “Execute”.


I recently begun a quest to be able to access SAP directly through my mobile phone. With SAP WEB GUI I figured this would be a no brainier and that the WebGUI would run on any browser regardless of its platform. I found this not to be the case. However, with a little bit of testing , I can confirm, the WEB GUI works flawlessly on my android mobile device. There are limitations to this. I only got it working on one browser app. Also, it requires some patience to use (see TIPS section at end of document). All this is achieved without a user agent and the success seems to lie with the browser we will work with.


     Only working with one Android browser app so far.

     Shortcuts not working. Only direct SAP transaction codes.

      Not easy to navigate with small screen.

Tested On:


     Browser: Dolphin Browser

1. Activate SAP WEB GUI for HTML.

It is assumed  the WebGUI is active already for the target system. If not, please refer to this link,, or the many other guides on how to activate the WebGUI. Before proceeding, please ensure that the WebGUI is working properly from any desktop browser (preferably Firefox).

2. Download the “Dolphin Browser” for your Android phone.

—! See Edit Note Above—!

This is a great free web browser app for Android phones. Highly recommended.

NOTE: Ensure you have access to your SAP server from the mobile device. You may need a VPN application to accomplish this. There is a free Cisco VPN app on the android market place if that is the VPN your organization is using. Talk to your network administrator if this is not achieved.

3.  Configure the WebGui to allow access to unsupported browsers.

     NOTE: The below changes will need to be done in a development system and the changes transported to the target system.

    A. Proceed to SAP transaction SCIF.

    B. Navigate to Service Path default_host->sap->bc->gui->sap->its->webgui

    C. Double Click this path to go into the configuration details.

    D. Click Change (pencil icon) to go into change mode.

    E. Click the “GUI Configuration” widget on the bottom right of the screen.

    F. Add the following parameter:

              Parameter Name =  ~USERAGENTCHECK    Value =  0


     G. Click the green check mark to add the entry.

     H. Save the Configuration.

      I. Transport the Changes.

4. Test

Open the Dolphin Web Browser App on your android phone and enter the URL for the WebGUI that works on desktop browsers.

You should now be able to log in and type transaction codes directly to access SAP transactions. Unfortunately, shortcuts do not appear to be working.


   1. When tapping on an input box (like when entering a transaction code), ALWAYS wait for the the browser to load by indication of the  progress bar      along the top of the screen (below the html) before attempting to type anything.

   2. Use  key “GO” on the key board to act as the enter key to update the screen or transaction. Avoid using this when multiple parameters need to be      entered on the screen. In this case, rather directly select another field on the screen before using the enter key. This helps avoid error, warning      messages and makes navigation quicker.

   3. Zoom in and out on each field or key to make entry easier. You may also zoom in and out on messages along the bottom of the screen.

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      Author's profile photo Ravi Paul
      Ravi Paul

      Above step Didn't worked for me, in Android browser error - Webpage not available

      and same in Dolphine browser too..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ravi Paul,

      The error you describe indicates that you either do not have the basic Web GUI configured correctly or do not have network access from your phone. The error this guide attempts to correct is that of a user agent check. In other words, you would have at minimum received a response back from the SAP server indicating that your browser is not supported.

      • Have you completed step one and verified that the web GUI is configured correctly and  accessible from a desktop browser?
      • Have you completed step two and verified that you have network access to your server from your mobile device?

      Please message me directly or follow the link provided in step one if you need assistance with those points.



      Author's profile photo Syed Wasay Ali
      Syed Wasay Ali

      HI all having a problem the keyboard keeps opening & closing on all web browsers please help