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SAP Inside Track H1 Singapore 2013 – A day of Learning,Sharing, Networking, Fun and Much More!

Exactly 6 months after our first ever inside track in Singapore, I and Marek Kowalkiewicz with the help of all community members organised the second one on yesterday (june 8th), it was wonderful learning, sharing event.

I am happy to share some of the interesting things happened on SITSG H1 through this blog.

We all know that, Currently SAP is focusing on the main innovation areas like mobility, cloud, In memory etc. I was very confused to choose the theme for the event. After lots of trail, finally we decided to take the theme as “Tech By Choice”.

As the theme, the entire event runs with the choice of attendees. From the date, venue till the session titles all selected by the interest of the pre-registered attendees.


*all photos taken by Marek (officially & unofficially) 🙂

Energetic kick start

Thanks to Kurt Bilafer for joining with us and started the event. it was amazing kick off session , He showcased some of the future visions of SAP on APJ region, more on today’s world business trend. Later the attendees also raised interesting questions, he shared use cases on, how the company coming out of its comfort zone and moving along with technology, he also shared his view on  human beings behavior changing due to mobile phone usages. We are very lucky to get him on that day, with his busy schedule, he even joined with the fun networking game too 🙂 and encouraged everyone.



This is the wonderful and informative networking game, its very simple. We prepare some of 25 to 30 Questions ( interesting questions with fun) and each question has name of the registered attendee, now all attendees form a group of 5, music will be shuffled on every 5 min. Find the person in the group and ask the question, get the opinion within 5 min, move on to next group. At the end of 30 min, if anyone at least get to know all the members either any one horizontal /vertical line is the winner.


It was amazing at the end of 20 min, one of our attendee own SAP BINGO 🙂

SAP Research Center Tour

The event hosted on SAP Research center singapore. The Office is totally stylish and comfortable work environment. The infrastructure itself automatically creates the passion for research!! Marek took the attendees to all the areas in research center and shown the HANA Server and explained its architecture on live.

HANGOUT sessions

Ever New HANA Handson

We are very clear to get something shared in the event, which not shared in any where else before. This has been already circulated to all the speakers, it was amazing , Raj Kumar Salla who is given the handson HANA, shared detail on data provisioning, which is not the typical excel sheet import, This was new for almost everyone. He has gone very deep and covered more clearly.


Unfortunately we didn’t record this session 🙁

Practical Business Analytics

It was another fun and informative session by Sanjay soni. He is very cool given very day to day examples and shown how analytics are really needed not only for the big/small company and also for individual level. We even discussed the role of analytics on crime control.

Mobile app development on Android Platform

It was marc, he was super excited to present his first outside event session, it went very wonderful, he shared how easy to develop android apps and shown demo of this app which he created specially for SITSG, can be viewed here


Counting 5 (Video clipping session)

This is another interactive video clip session, where shared some of the interesting video clips on bigdata, medicine personalisation, Hana Enterprise cloud.

SAP App designer

We got almost 8 developers out of 40 attendees. After listened this session, not only developers, even consultant like me also can add the skill set as mobile app developer, SAP App designer was very cool , just using drag and drop , you can build wonderful mobile app at the short time.

Custom code management

Time being, to stop the thoughts on mobility, cloud, HANA, I stared interesting sharing about custom code management, and spoken on sap coding standards, and tools which helps to analyse the custom codes. It was nice, one of the attendee said the custom code management is the one thing she should shared to the manager. After hearing this I felt so satisfied.

Quiz and Feedback

As usual, we conduct some quiz , I myself not able to believe, how active the participants, even answered very tough questions, which can be answered if we listened very carefully. There are 15 questions have been answered by participants directly without any guess 🙂

We wind up the day event with token of thanks to all.

A unique Event

SAP Inside track is a unique event.Unlike other SAP event, it is the event organised by community for community, everyone felt they contributed, its kind of group effort, Thanksall who supported for the wonderful day, looking forward to meet you all again in coming SITSG.

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  • I had wonderful experience and this is my first event as contributor. Also got the opportunity to meet great persons for the first time Jansi, Marek, and Derek.

    Jansi is a very good organizer and can handle any situation easily.

    Marek is a great research guy and at the same time organized the event well.

    Also many participants shown interest and asked very interesting questions.

    Overall my experience on this event would be unforgettable.



  • Hi Jansi,

    Thanks for organizing wonderful event. Its nice to be part of it.

    Enjoyed all the sessions thoroughly and visit during afternoon inside the SAP Research area and overview of latest functions and projects.



  • Thanks Jansi and all for giving us the opportunity to particate in this great event.

    Marek and Markus inspired us to think more of research and future SAP mobile apps.
    This is a great place to learn from our SAP mentors and an opportunity to meet people from different industries.
    Looking forward to attend more events in future.
  • Hi Jansi,

    Sounds like it was (again!) a wonderful event. Kudos to you and Marek for getting this done twice a year, really impressive!

    And I’ll try to remember the SAP bingo concept for our own sitnl in November.

    Cheers, Fred

  • Great write up to what seemed to be another great SIT Singapore! Well done guys!

    I especially liked the Bingo idea. Maybe something to steal borrow for the next SIT Down-Under?! 😉