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  1. Former Member

    Hi Luke,

    If you dont mind can you pls explain me regarding the compnay ID, password and the user name ?

    Can i create a dummy or do i want to be a successfactor partner?

    actully where can i get thie company  ID, usernameand  password?

    Just i wanted to have a look on successfactor product demo

    Thanks in advance,



    1. Luke Marson Post author

      Hi Dinesh,

      In order to have access to a SuccessFactors instance your company must be a SuccessFactors partner. Once you are a partner someone with Partner Portal access must request an instance for each individual that wants one using the demo assignment tool hyperlink  on the Partnering With Us page.

      Best regards,


  2. Stephen Burr
  3. Christopher Solomon

    Simple and nice…but I do love that you explicitly spell out that this is NOT for a production environment. NEVER send password/user info in a URL parameter list. =)

    1. Luke Marson Post author

      Although it seems obvious, you’d be surprised at what people will do with passwords to systems that contain super-sensitive employee information…

      The document is largely aimed at consultants who have demo system access for practice use and may only use it occasionally.

      1. Luke Marson Post author

        Of course! 😀

        You joke, but around 85% of data theft is caused by stolen passwords. I think different websites and systems having different and more complicated password policies means that individuals need a myriad of different passwords and the only way to remember them is to write them down. I have the same problem when my password is forced to change periodically – there are only so many passwords that I find memorable!

  4. Former Member

    Hi Luke,

    As SF integrator, I’ve been asked the question by a client whether it was possible to actually disable the option to pass passwords as parameters in the URL. As stated in the article, this should never been done in a live environment, but it is difficult to prevent end-users to do this, and thus it raise security concerns.

    Thanks a lot!
    Kind regards,


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