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For quite sometime for pdf outputs of smartforms, I used to include pdf convert codes in smartform driver program or use spool number in pdf convert program etc.

Recently, I came to know about a very easy method of converting a smartform print preview into a pdf file.

This is how it works:

Type PDF! (‘PDF’ with Excalamtion mark) in the command bar of the smartform preview screen and press enter.

A pdf pop-up appears and you can save it. Given below is an example screen-capture.

Ours is ECC6.0, Ido not know whether  this feature is available in all versions or only in recent ones.


Jogeswara Rao K

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    1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

      Thank you for the information!

      In fact, I had a brief search in Google with String ‘PDF!’ . After not getting any desired SCN threads, I prepared this document and posted in Blog instead of in Documents, because of some element of doubt that people might be knowing this.

      The central objective is to give exposure to more people about such knowledge, who did not know this and are unlucky to reach the place you’ve referred, as I was.

      It is quite possible that, the origin from where this information flown to me was the same link you’ve referred.

      That was my first Blog post.

      Thank you, I’ve learnt something from you post.

      Jogeswara Rao K

      1. Steffanie Ducher

        Hello!  So I knew about this functionaity at my old company, but at my new company it is not working.  Any thoughts?  What are the rules around it?  What works and what won’t?

        Thank you! 🙂

        1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

          Greetings Steffanie,

          Whether you are putting /n etc before pdf! . That is not required.

          Also this might depend on the ECC versions. Ours is ECC6.0 EHP0.

          May compare your old and new versions.

          Not have much idea in this direction.

          Jogeswara Rao K

      1. Bhanu .P

        Dear Jogeswara Rao,

        There was a problem by using PDF! what exactly that one if the smart form first page is main page and next page is copy of the first page it will not print copy page.



        1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

          Is it? I haven’t ever experienced it. But logically it should not be like that. Isn’t it?

          Anyway, thanks Pradeep for the information.

          Jogeswara Rao K

  1. K S

    Hi Jogeswara Rao,


    And some time back you had created a document for displaying image @ selection-screen, which i am not able to access anymore. Is there anyway i can access it, since it was very well explained with illustrations and code?



  2. Catarina Campos

    Thank you very much for sharing this command with us. We have ECC6.0

    I was starting to convert the Smartforms into Adobe Forms just to have the option to Save the pdf file into to the disc.


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