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xs813 error

Relevant notes:

When a message is sent from the SAP system, the sender address is either transferred from the sending application or taken from the user master record of the current user. If the sender address was not explicitly transferred by the application, and the current user does not have a relevant address, the system searches for a default address (depending on the send method):

  • If a message is sent by e-mail (or by fax with an e-mail sender), a default address in the form <user name>@<system domain> is used.
  • If the message is sent by fax with a fax sender, the system first looks for a fax number in the company address of the user. If no address is found then the e-mail address of the user is used, or the standard e-mail address if no other is found.

  Every message that is sent via SMTP contains an envelope and content (the message). Both parts contain sender information: The envelope in the MAIL FROM: command and the message in the From: header. The sender address given in the message part will be shown as the sender to the person receiving the message. The address in the envelope will be used for returning status information. Thus if a delivery status notification (DSN) is requested it will be sent to the sender address of the envelope part. This address is also called technical or envelope sender or reverse-path address.

Per default the sender address that was determined by the SAP system as described above will be used for both the envelope and the message.

However, the envelope sender address can differ from this sender address, and therefore the recipient of the DSN can differ from the sender address that the recipient will see. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • There is a possibility to set a fix address. See note 1004952.
  • The application can set the envelope-address explcitely for each sending. To do this the note 1722341 should be applied into the system.

If both are set, the one given by the application will be used.

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