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Assigning freely programmed search help

In the previous document, we have to created a webdynpro component that can be used as a search help component.

This following tutoruial explains how to assign the search help component to the attribute.

Step 1: Go to the Tcode SE80 and create a webdynpro component.


Assign the component to the package or save it in the local object.

Step 2: In the used component of the component framework, add the component that is created for providing search help for airline ID(ZCSK_FP_SEARCH).


Step 3: Go to the properties tab of the view controller and add the component usage of the used component to the view.


Step 4: Go to the context tab of the view controller and create an context attribute with property as shown below.


Note: Pick the input help component usage from the F4 Help.  Step 5: In the layout tab of the view controller create the input field UI element and bind the attribute to it.


Save and activate the whole component.  Step 6: Create an webdynpro application and test the component.



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  • Hi,

    Great effort in writing the blog.

    some bits missing.

    You have not mentioned the part when the f4 help component will be called. there has to. be a event raised and a listener to register to that event so that the F4 view can be displayed. Also that part of integrating the window into the calling component is not mentioned, which is a key point as well. is the data transfered and which field/ fields are to be transferred are not mentioned.

    All these parts are integral part of this solution and needs to be included.