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30-Day Trial of SAP Predictive Analysis!

We are pleased to announce an offer you can’t refuse. 

Try Predictive Analysis free for 30-days.

  • Simply visit the  and click “Marketplace“.   From there you will find a variety of great apps
    you can try for free. Search for ‘Predictive’ or click “view more” to find the icon and away you go to
  • Free Trial page
  • You will be asked for some contact info then you will receive an email with direct download links for the software.


Please note there are also great helpful documents, whitepapers and tutorials found on the Predictive Analysis Free Trial page, as well as on SCN.

Happy Modeling!


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  • Hi Scott,

    I am interested in trying this to investigate the features, however before I invest time in it, can you tell me whether I can just run this on a standard desktop and provision data from local sources, i.e. text files, spread sheets, access etc. The device requirements on the download page indicate the HANA level supports, if HANA is not an option and is thus not of interest.


    • Ross, hello.  Yes, you certainly can use PA for local datasources and databases, and HANA is not a requirement but an option. It can run on a 32-bit or 64-bit Win OS workstation. When you download via SAP Store, you’ll actually get a large zip file with TWO products now. You’ll have the option to try BOTH SAP Predictive Analysis and/or SAP InfiniteInsight, as you wish, for a trial period. Both products unzip into their own respective folders on your hard drive, and come with ample documents/links to help you get started.