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What follows Fiori? Ever heard of the upcoming financial offering Sentinel? Deciphering the latest SAP job offers

In the past, I’ve blogged about what SAP job offers can tell us about SAP’s cloud plans. Based on the ever-increasing tight integration of cloud and HANA efforts, I wanted to expand my analysis beyond just cloud-related jobs.

I’ve recently revisited SAP’s career site and picked a few new jobs that I think are interesting. My main intention is to surface these descriptions and provide a short analysis of why I think they are important

What follows Fiori?

A new group of mobile apps – called “Fiori” was announced at the recent Sapphire.

SAP Fiori was developed by working closely with over 250 customers to understand the most commonly used business functions and ways in which the user experience for those functions could be improved and simplified. [SOURCE]

I found two job offers that sound very similar to the Fiori effort.

Scrum Master (F/M)

“Frontline applications” are the core of SAP Applications renewal. They are meant to leverage unique SAP In Memory technology (HANA) to deliver a new generation of enterprise or end-user mobile and web applications.

Our Front Line Application (FLA) group is also creating a new user experience for many of the long tested business scenarios that are offered by the SAP ERP platform. The challenge is not only to create beautiful and compelling consumer-grade designs, but to implement those designs and deliver well tested quality apps, in short timeframes. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is by following the Agile Software Development Principles and our chosen Agile framework is SCRUM. [SOURCE]

Intern, Software Engineer

The Design and Front Line Apps team at SAP Labs Palo Alto is looking for a software engineering intern who has strong programming knowledge and is eager to join a very dynamic environment and learn new technologies and contribute to the team effort.


Some of the key tasks for the internship include:

  • Develop exciting apps in javascript/SAP UI5
  • Work on SAP Gateway/oData technologies
  • Test Automation for Mobile. Set up infrastructure for running automated tests on iPAD or Mac emulator. Write automated test scripts using Selenium/Fitnesse or other test automation tools
  • Assist Development Team in building exciting new apps
  • Participate in POC exercise with Development
  • Work with the team to fulfill all quality requirements [SOURCE]


Fiori isn’t mentioned directly in the job offers but the technology used is the same and the broader intention is very similar to that described at the Sapphire.  I thought it was interesting that a new group is being created to focus on this type of application. Once the involved development / design process is established, I can imagine that we will be seeing many more of these FLA apps.

Sentinel: the next generation stock analytics and market insights platform

It looks like SAP is working on a new offering for the financial market called Sentinel. I found multiple job offers for Sentinel – here are two offerings

Senior Developer (Data mining, machine learning, NLP)

The TIP HANA P&D Business Applications Development team in Bangalore is building the next generation stock analytics and market insights platform called Sentinel. The goal is to be nothing less than the Amazon for Stocks and the Facebook for Investors. We take our metaphors seriously! Sentinel blends Algorithmic Trading with deep News Analytics into a disruptive synergy, powered by SAP’s revolutionary in-memory HANA platform and deep text analytics capabilities. We couple a fluid frontend (HTML 5/Javascript) with a super-scalable backend. Our sole purpose is simply this: to help millions of investors identify profitable trading opportunities with minimal cognitive overload. The end-goal is to build a system that is simple but not trivial; deeply quantitative but not confounding; advanced but not abstruse.


• Demonstrated hands-on leadership in conceptualizing and implementing large scale
algorithms and applications in data mining, machine learning, text analytics and natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, search, semantics [SOURCE]

Senior Developer (Financial Engineering, Computational Finance)


The Main responsibilities of this job are:

  • Acquire a deep knowledge of the HANA architecture and its fundamental paradigms
  • Architect, design, lead, implement and deliver key text understanding components of Sentinel
  • Build high-scale algorithms and components that will support millions of users and real-time news feeds
  • Mentor younger members of the team and help build their domain skills and professional perspective
  • Document, publish or patent all IP that is generated
  • Work closely with researchers, members of the field team and customers to evolve the product [SOURCE]


I found the job titles interesting in that they reflect a focus on more than just the usual standard technical skills but rather also include domain expertise – in this case, financial. I was reminded of a recent ASUG article by Courtney Bjorlin about HANA skills and how data scientists are becoming more important in such data-centric efforts.

Description language of in-database algorithms and Visualization

A student intern in Waldorf has the ability to work on two possible interesting topics: 

Student (f/m): Statistical Data Analysis and Visualization on the HANA Platform

As an intern or working student you will focus on one of the following two areas:

The first option would be the design and implementation of statistical algorithms for the in-memory data store. We are developing a functional description language of in-database algorithms – mainly in the field of data mining and machine learning. This approach will allow us to develop new data analysis algorithms in very short iterations and visualize their results. You would use this framework to enhance our algorithmic library with some advanced data mining or machine learning algorithms. Depending on the duration of your placement, you will also be able to test your work on real business or sensory data.

The second option will be the design and implementation of an easy-to-use framework for next generation Business UI’s using javascript, webbased visualization libraries like d3, CSS3 and new concepts, e.g. the “grammar of graphics” integrating our business data and process model. Your first step would be to build an interactive drill-down tool for business components. [SOURCE]


I found the use of a new functional description language to quickly create new algorithms intriguing – in particular, the differences of such a language as compared to RDL which focuses more on making the design process more efficient. The new language described in the job description above is for the runtime environment and would be an excellent way for partners to provide complementary value to existing HANA functionality.

‘New Assets’ program to measure intangible assets

SAP already has an Enterprise Assets product:

Build a solid, standards-based foundation for managing your physical assets – whether your business relies on production equipment, power grids, machinery, vehicles, or facilities. Our enterprise asset management (EAM) software can help you increase operational efficiencies, improve asset usage, reduce costs, and better manage capital expenditures throughout the asset lifecycle.  [SOURCE]

I was surprised to see a job offering for the New Assets Program:

Working Student (f/m) for New Assets Program: User Interface / Mobile Development

New Assets is a program within the TIP area. We believe that there is obviously more than just financial assets that enables a company to gain future economic benefits and is therefore mission critical to manage. Companies who are able to measure and manage their new / intangible assets like ability to innovate, brand, intellectual property or employee engagement will have significant business advantages over their competition. As a consequence, we want provide smart and beautiful solutions to our customers that support them in managing these new assets and contribute to the companies’ future growth and success. [SOURCE]


I found the job description interesting in that it reflects such a broad area of coverage – social media for brand assessment, HCM for employee engagement, etc – and could possibly include a wide variety of existing products.

Is a new address data cleansing engine coming?

Based on the following job offering, it looks like there may be a new product regarding international address cleansing software in the works.

Data Analyst – Intern

Data Quality team in Information Management mission of SAP Shanghai Development Center is responsible for developing global geography address coding data and engine. This software application is part of a suite of address data cleansing engines used in our international address cleansing software product. The team is responsible for development and testing of geography address coding features, and on-going data analysis of reference data used by the engine. In this position you will work with a transnational team that includes staff in Freiberg Germany, and La Crosse Wisconsin, USA. The projects this team delivers have a globally oriented scope, and are part of the world-wide SAP product suite. [SOURCE]


There are a few other competitors in this area but I didn’t find any current associated offering from SAP. I could imagine a HANA- and cloud-based offering from SAP that is part of a larger MDM offer that would offer similar services.

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      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      Dick, as I have said before, I LOVE reading your blogs, because you bring in your research and give us your POV.  Thank you for enriching us.

      Author's profile photo Sascha Wenninger
      Sascha Wenninger

      What Sue said ^^^

      Awesome analysis again! Well done doing this, and sharing it.

      Author's profile photo Tom Van Doorslaer
      Tom Van Doorslaer

      I do wonder how many millions have already been spent on trying to predict the stock market. Because that is what Sentinel sounds like: "Using hana to analyse markets"

      and "intangible assets"? is that the difference between the assets a company has, and the assets that they report in their balance? (aka, fraud?) 🙂

      Sounds like a buzzword to me.

      Like intangible benefits:

      "yes, your quote looks promising, but our solution offers much more intangible benefits, eventough it's more expensive"

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      LOL - it just means assets without physical substance, but of non financial nature. So things like cash in bank do not count. It is a complex topic - has tax implications, and often gets a bad name because of how capital market and financial accounting treats it

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      it's not all that complex thanks to Apple and their legal eagle dream team.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Richard,

      i wanted to respond earlier, but the work, any event, this is a great way of looking at where SAP is going next and you are helping the company by making the wider audience aware of their openings.

      Sentinel sounds like a very interesting and promising initiative and a really nice application for HANA. If split-(nano)second goal is desired anywhere, it is mostly so in trading platforms, even when delayed in public markets for mostly legal reasons, i presume.

      hopefully, it will also keep us shielded from the downsides of any future flash crashes.



      Author's profile photo John Appleby
      John Appleby

      Richard, this is a nice piece of research and a great way to find out what's going on in the R&D organization.

      Sentinel is significant in a number of ways - I don't think the market has seen how significant. It also happens to be in the industry I work in 🙂

      First, it means that SAP is moving into the consumer business sector, selling online access in the B2C world.

      Second, it means that SAP is working on both SAP and non-SAP technologies to do this, including open-source Hadoop.

      However they do appear to have missed one really important thing - trading analysis is interesting, but where it gets really interesting is when you combine this with customers orders and executions to get a combined view of real-time and historic algorithmic trading. And then use it for trade executions. That's where the real value is.

      Greg - actually HANA isn't fast in trading systems terms. They use event stream processors for real-time analysis and the typical latency writing into HANA and reading out (a few seconds) is a lifetime in algorithmic trading.

      Author's profile photo Richard Hirsch
      Richard Hirsch
      Blog Post Author



      Sentinel is significant in a number of ways - I don't think the market has seen how significant. It also happens to be in the industry I work in 🙂


      I think some in media do realize the impact that Sentinel might have. Of all the jobs about which I blogged, only the Sentinel jobs ended up as a ComputerWorld story.

      I thought the mention of "text analytics and natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis" as well as "deliver key text understanding components of Sentinel" was intriguing.  I'm curious as to what exactly the data source for this analysis might be - the Twitter fire hose, other social media sites, etc.

      I just found an older reference to the product which provides some additional details:

      Sentinel is a showcase application running on SAP HANA One. This application fuses algorithmic trading with deep text analytics to boost investment portfolios, time trades, and find the hottest stocks via social media buzz.