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Registration of external program on SAP gateway not allowed

Issue :

Error from dev_jrfc.trc file


LOCATION SAP-Gateway on host <hostname>

ERROR registration of tp <Jco destination name> from host

<hostname> not allowed

TIME Fri May 10 10:30:58 2013




RC 720

MODULE gwxxrd.c

LINE 3642


Return code: RFC_FAILURE(1)

error group: 102


Solution :

As of 720 kernel, registration of external server program is controlled by profile parameters gw/acl_mode, gw_reg_info and gw/sec_info.

For security reasons, SAP has made it mandatory to use gw/reg_info and gw/sec_info to allow any external program to get registered on host.

So, entries of the host wanting to register program in gateway, has to be maintained in the file reg_info and sec_info.

Location of these files is maintained using gw/reg_info and gw/sec_info profile parameter.

If the files are created without any entries, then no external server is allowed to register external programs. If files are created then entries for the servers has to be maintained.

If the files are not created, then parameter gw/acl_mode can be used to control registration of external programs on the system.

gw/acl_mode = 0 will allow registration of external server program

gw/acl_mode = 1 will not allow registration of external server programs and you need to maintain reg_info and sec_info files.

More information about the same can be found in below SAP notes :

Note 1408081 – Basic settings for reg_info and sec_info

Note 1069911 – GW: Changes to the ACL list of the gateway (reginfo)

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