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The author believes that the tip given in this document  simplifies and drastically cuts down the amount of data upload to QS41 transaction, In fact this tip should be made use of invariably by every-one who designs the Catalogs & Codes to the Equipments. 

What is it?

An addition of character ‘&’ at the end of Code Group Description helps the Code-text (kurztext) to be very short, but while using the Code-texts  are prefixed by Code Group Texts giving full meaning.

This is being explained through Screen-captures in the following example .


1.Object part Code Group ‘MOTOR

  Description : ‘MOTOR &




2a. Damage Code Group:  ‘SHFT

Description :  ‘SHAFT &’




2b. Damage Code Group:  ‘FNDN

Description :  FOUNDATION &





3. Catalog Profile


The result in IW21 / IW22



1. The above explanation is applicable for all Catalogs (B,C,2,5, A &  others).

2. Because this is a change in Description field, it is applicable to the Code Groups created and used earlier. Accordingly, the Code-Texts will  be modified in all History Notifications.

Hope members find this article useful.

Thank you


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  1. John Harrison

    I really like this. Small but nice. Used it in a conversation today, and for the customer it was an OH WOW moment, followed by ” I don’t know if I can get them to change” . Always a problem with existing implementations. But something definitely to keep in mind when working with new codes and catalogs.

    Thanks again 🙂

  2. Former Member

    I am a great fan of yours. This is too good.

    Is there any place where the real data of catalogs are shared . Let us say Pump catalogs , Motor catalogs (for possible problems , causes , damage codes etc) which is a open source ?

    Can you also write an article about classifications to be stored at function location level and at equipment level based on IS14224 methodology ? The methodological basically expects process charecteristics to store at FL level and get inherited to equipment below. The equipment will have chars very specific to equipment (like shaft dia , manufacturer etc)

    You may also share any good links on adopting IS14224 methodology to  structure PM objects

    1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

      Thank you Prasad, 🙂

      The first part, There is no such. But you will find several such information in Google by searching like ‘Pump troubleshooting chart’ for damages, causes tasks and activities. And ‘Pump parts’ for parts. Like-wise for all equipments. You will not get anything meant for using in SAP Catalogs and codes. In fact in the beginning days of my SAP, I used to wonder, why I need t prepare this data, why world reputed ERP softwares can not come with this data atleast for General Equipments like MOTOR, PUMP, FAN etc. There are several issues in  standardising this data. So often we settle down to our own data at shop levels (not even plant level). So I use to tell my shops that this is the data to be generated out of rich experience.

      A blog of my those days is here: Catalog & Codes, the Generalization issue ! (I forgot what I wrote in this blog 😆 ).

      The second point is really a practical and technically essential for industries masterdata. Unfortunately SAP implementations are seen very rarely using Classification hierarchies. My implementation is one among this. Let’s hope that I will be able to post a document in future on this after my mastering this area. You may like to have thes documents on this subject.



      Good luck



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