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Author's profile photo Bhargava Krishna Talasila

How to send a Test Message from RWB

How to send a test message from RWB in PI 7.3 EHP1


This document is focused to give a better understanding on testing the interface by sending the message from Run-Time workbench (RWB).As we all know that, we can test the interface by sending test message from RWB. From PI 7.3 the RWB has changed rapidly and it is having many advanced features.Even though this is known to every one, it may helpful for those who recently upgrade to PI 7.3.

In SAP PI 7.3 we have a central tool for overview monitoring the Integration Scenarios in our landscape which is SAP Solution Manger. With these features we can review the information about the processes or Messages.Run-time Workbench (RWB) can be used as a quick test tool for sending the payload directly to integration engine or Adapter engine.

Prerequisites: User should have this role ” SAP_XI_RWB_SERV_USER_MAIN

Step 1: Go to PI Home page and click on configuration and monitoring Home which is available under configuration and monitoring.


Step 2:  you will get the below screen. Here you will find the three tabs.

  Monitoring 2) Configuration and Administration  3) Testing.


Step 3: Go to testing tab and click on send test message option under testing.


Step 4: you will get the below screen, here we have two options under integration server

  Integration engine and Adapter engine.


Step 5: Click on integration engine you will find the below screen


Fill the details like sender component/interface and interface Namespace/ user name and password and quality of service like below.


Step 6: Paste the payload from Message Mapping.


Click on send message.


You will get the pop-up message “Message Sent” like in the above screen.

Step 7: Your message will send to integration engine. You can check the message either in Message monitoring and SXMB_MONI.


You can see the Payload which we sent from RWB in pipeline steps.

Go to inbound/outbound message payload.


It is the same payload which we copied from Message mapping in step 6.

In this way you can send the message from RWB to test the interface.


Bhargava krishna

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      Author's profile photo Markus Schalk
      Markus Schalk


      are there any restrictions on the SP-level? We are using PO 7.31 SP6 (Single stack) and i can not find this option in "Monitoring Home"->"Testing".

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Holger Himmelmann
      Holger Himmelmann

      Hello Markus,

      the test message functionality is currently only available for the PI double stack. I hope that this functionality will also become available for PI single stack in the near future, but there hasn't been an official confirmation and release date from SAP yet.

      Regards, Holger

      Author's profile photo Markus Schalk
      Markus Schalk

      Hello Holger,

      thanks for your help. I am sad to hear that this is not yet supported in single stack.

      Regards, Markus

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Markus,

      Even in Dual stack you cannot use the RWB Test option to test the ICO Objects Configured.

      Only helpful for the case of Classical Scenarios



      Author's profile photo Pavlo Astashonok
      Pavlo Astashonok

      so what is the workaround?

      Author's profile photo Albert Kenel
      Albert Kenel

      For a work around, you might try Postman or the SOAP UI test tool. However, that also depends on the protocol. For example, if the Sender Source Channel for the inbound request uses XI protocol eg: Interface Pattern Stateless (XI30-Compatible) then the regular SOAP 1.1 HTTP call will not work using Postman (for example). Another work around during the POC stages and sanity testing phase is to set up a copy of the scenario without XI protocol - more work but again depends on what part of the E2E scenario you want to Unit Test. For example, making requests with attachments as part of the SOAP message does not appear to be an option with the internal SAP PO Send Test Message tool.

      Author's profile photo Jonny Wellard
      Jonny Wellard

      Hi Bhargava,

      a nice blog thanks but; importantly how did you prepare the URL use to send the message into PI7.3 ?


      The default one is ""

      And this gives an error.

      If I supply a URL of ""

      I get a 500 error.

      If I supply a fully packed URL (with all of the parameters) in addition to the ones that need to be entered on screen ""

      It will work except that SAP header / SOAP envelope etc are sent with it.