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Today SAP’s Nic Smith conducted a hands-on BI Mobile webcast (“bring your own iPad) and briefly showed us what the new Mobile BI 5.0 application looks like.  Note this version combines both BusinessObjects Mobile application and BusinessObjects Explorer mobile application.  Nic said it was “one app to rule them all”.



The above two screen shots from today’s webcast.  You can see from the thumbnail which type of report it is – Web Intelligence, Dashboards, Explorer, etc. will have the familiar icons on the thumbnail.

Below is an example of an Exploration E-View that Nic showed:


Nic said there is a Mobile SDK for Mobile BI where you extend the application.


The above shows a Design Studio 1.1 application on the iPad.


The above shows interaction with Design Studio on the iPad.

Question & Answer:

Q: When will SAP provide access to sample reports for mobile?

A: Can connect to SAP Analytics Gallery – and will add more content with MobI 5.0

Q: Which credentials needed for SAP Gallery?

A: No password, it is part of the app

Q: What are the applicaiton names?

A: SAP BusinessObjects Mobile and BusinessObjects Explorer, soon to become one application

Q: I am on my iPhone and can I connect to BI On Demand?

A: Same connections by iPhone – logon to and set up and share on the “cloud”  – it is free.  From the App, select Add account and add credentials and connect to wi-fi

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  1. Nic Smith

    Thanks for joining the session today Tammy. Yes! It’s very Lord of the Rings! Can’t wait for the release of the new Mobi 5 app, watch the SAP news wire over the next two weeks for more info on this exciting release.

  2. Former Member

    Thanks Tammy for the nice blog. Combining explorer app into Mobile is certainly much awaited feature from my end, good to see that in BI 5.0 app.

    Tammy/Nic: Do we still have the grouping of documents by Category carried over to BI 5.0 app?  If so, I hope we would have additional categories like Explorer, Design Studio, Lumira etc.



  3. Andreas J A Schneider

    Just a wild idea: Why different icons for different content types at all? Should it matter to the end-users of a mobile App with which toll (WEBI; CR; EXP, XC, SAPzen) the content has been created? I believe not.


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