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SAPPHIRE NOW 2013: See How SAP Runs SAP Mobile Solutions (Session ID: 46287)

At this SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 theater presentation, attendees learned how SAP “drinks its own champagne” by pursuing a vigorous mobile strategy.

Oguzhan “Ozzy” Genis described how SAP’s mobile workforce employs more than 65,000 devices representing all platforms, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry – and soon Windows 8.

According to Ozzy, SAP employees can now download over 50 mobile apps from the company’s internal store. For instance, executive management uses mobile apps to analyze revenues, finance, and the sales pipeline. Sales professionals use mobile CRM to keep up with  customer information and pricing. And thousands of employees throughout the company use apps to manage documents, travel expenses, and requests and approvals – and to collaborate via social media.

“We have seen behavior change,” he said, “with sales people checking quotas every five minutes. It has made the life of our employees different – and easier.”

Ozzy pointed out that even for SAP, software simplicity is becoming paramount, with complex processes being reduced to apps. What’s more, users want immediate comprehension of their apps. “Studies show that if you don’t understand an app in the first seven seconds,” Ozzy said, “you won’t use it again.”

Digital Natives

According to Ozzy, today’s “digital natives” are conquering the world of work. The millennial generation is accustomed to digital networking and social collaboration – and they expect to continue those practices on the job. “Consumerization is the new innovation driver,” he said. “If you chat and collaborate via Facebook in your personal life, why not do the same in the workplace?”

Those expectations extend to a demand for a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy. “As a frontrunner in the consumerization of IT,” Ozzy said, “we manage over 5,000 employee-owned devices. It is part of giving our employees a choice.”

However, SAP’s global BYOD program has been rolled out country-by-country, due to differences in legal and financial requirements. “Things are more difficult in Europe,” Ozzy noted, “because of data protection roles and worker issues.”

The Genius Bar

For user support, SAP has adopted a “genius bar” model, with 15 mobile solutions centers around the world – from Buenos Aires to Mumbai. At these locations, employees get advice and training, as well as the chance to try out new devices and apps. In addition, SAP personnel can reach out to their peers through social media.

The Future is Mobile

In summing up, Ozzy stated, “Being a frontrunner, and being an innovator, makes an IT organization more valuable. It makes them an innovation driver.”

SAP’s Global IT team is clearly committed to driving innovation through mobile and cloud-based solutions. As Ozzy concluded, “The workplace of the future is mobile.”

Author: Bill Kozel

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      Author's profile photo Paul Hardy
      Paul Hardy

      Some time back when a company used it's own products the CEO would say they were "eating their own dog food".

      I get the feeling SAP doesn't like the way that sounds - so instead of eating dog food you are drinking champagne. I agree it does sound more appetising. 😎

      Author's profile photo Matthias Wild
      Matthias Wild

      Hi Paul,

      this is the good influence from BusinessObjects joining SAP. Colleagues in France prefer champagne 🙂