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Blog It Forward – Jignesh

It feels really great to be tagged by in Blog it Forward challenge. The Blog it Forward challenge is a very innovative idea enabling us to know more about our co-members on SCN.

Place of my Birth:

Mumbai (Bombay), India – Financial Capital of India.

Mumbai needs no introduction & detailed information about this amazing city is available here:


I am a fun loving practical person. Other than SAP, my interest lies in Travelling, Reading & Cars. I am a senior member on a leading Automotive Forum & Cars / Bikes remain my passion. I love driving & have driven 800 kilo-meters in one single day from Mumbai – Udaipur (Rajasthan). Below is the picture taken during that road trip somewhere on Baroda – Ahmedabad Expressway:


I equally love bikes & still ride my Pulsar 180 to commute between Home / Office everyday.

14.04.2013 a.JPG

My aspiration is to go on a 5000 kilo-meters road trip from Mumbai to Leh / Ladakh, the trip which is on cards this year during August / September depending on leaves / work pressure.

When it comes to reading, my all time favorite books are:

1. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield &

2. Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

I also believe in keeping myself fit & have managed to reduce my weight from 90 kgs (in year 2001) to 72 kgs (present).

Then – 2001

Jignesh 2001.JPG

Now – 2013



I am blessed with two angels in my life – My wife & my daughter – 6.5 years. My wife is homemaker while my daughter just entered 1 Standard in ICSE Curriculum. My family has always been priority for me & I have always ensured to spend some time with my family every day.

My Daughter:



I am basically a Post Graduate in Marketing & was engaged in Marketing & Sales for almost 4.5 years, travelling length & breath of this beautiful country. While in Sales, I have travelled to places like Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Delhi, Panipat, Ludhania, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, etc.

There were times when I used to travel almost 20 days in a month which irked my parents (I was not married at that time) & after much research chose to get trained into SAP SD. Since then, time has been really great & I am enjoying every day of my job. Infact every Monday morning, I am roaring to go to office so that I can learn something new in SAP (Probably that is one of the reasons why I am contributing here since last 6+ years)

Currently I have nearly 7.5 years of experience in SAP SD. However, I started my SAP Career with Support role & gradually got into Roll-Outs & Implementations. In the process I got chance to work with couple of great Organizations & people. I am currently working as a Module lead – SAP SD for a global client supporting its India, Kenya & UK operations. Lately I am getting many opportunities within my current Organization & outside to take up Project Lead / Manager role, but I would like to stick to Functional (SAP SD) roles for next couple of years. I have also undergone basic training in SAP CRM & aspire to work on CRM Support / Implementation project in future.

Back in 2006/07, while searching for some SAP SD issues on Google, I came across SDN & promptly registered myself here (sometime in beginning of year 2007, I guess). It has been a great stay here (6+ years) on SCN & I am sincerely thankful to a wonderful forum like this one, which has enabled me to learn so many new things in SAP. I am still contributing to questions (threads) here & have also published couple of documents. In future I would like contribute further to this forum, if the leaders find me of any use.

Long Term Career / Personal Aspiration:

I wish to settle at a Foreign Country with my family.

Coming to three questions Lakshmipathi has asked:

Have you not been into IT industry, which industry you would have chosen?

I would have been a Doctor for sure. Helping people is in my DNA & I feel there is no other job like Doctor’s when it comes to helping people.

What was your dream job when you were schooling?

Well I belong to Gujarati community & in 1980 & 1990 doing business was a dream of every Gujarati youngster. Likewise I too had a dream of owning / managing a large trading business. But fate had something else in store for me & I am here today working in SAP SD. But the journey has been great & I do not regret any choices I have made in past.

Have you ever hurt anybody knowingly and regretted after that?

Yes. This has happened couple of this with my wife & daughter. There were times where I have been harsh to them & later regretted my words.

Having said that, since last couple of years, I have definitely changed & adopted a practical approach to life. I & my wife have also resolved NOT to punish our daughter with Corporal punishment.

Blog it Forward

I Blog it Forward Chain –  to

They are fairly new Members on SCN, but their detailed posts for member’s questions are really a pleasure to read.

My questions to them are:

Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?

What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?

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  • Good to see your blog. On going through it,

    I am still contributing to questions (threads) here & have also published couple of documents. In future I would like contribute further to this forum, if the leaders find me of any use.

    Needless to say, it must have benefited many in the past and going to help in future.

    Wish you all success in future endeavors.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thank you Shiva.

      Wish you too all the very best in life.

      By the way Shiva, we are waiting for your blog.



  • Hello Jignesh,

    Nice to see your BIF and to know you better.

    90(2001) to 72 (2013) is great achievement. πŸ™‚

    For me it was reverse, I was 66 in 2001 and 92 in 2012. πŸ˜‰

    Now trying hard to get it better again.

    I heartily wish and all the very best to you on your

    travel by road from Mumbai to Leh / Ladakh

    Be it another feather of achievement in your life…

    Best Wishes, JP

    Moved the blog from SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) to About SCN

    • Hello JP,

      Thank you. Good to know about you too. It was even more better to know about Nathan.

      Sir, sorry for the advise, but you should control your weight, especially at this age.

      Yes. Leh / Ladakh trip is still on cards. Let us hope for the best.


      Jignesh Mehta

      • Jignesh.

        Nice to know, you read my bif .

        For BIF success, full credit goes to  xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) for taking such nice initiative.

        Thanks for your advice on weight reduction… Seriously, I’m working on that.

        All the best to you and best wishes for your near and dear ones.

        Best Regards, JP

  • Good to know about you Jignesh..

    Any way after analysing place you mentioned Panipat, Ludhiana, Coimbatoor looks like you were earlier in textile related sales πŸ™‚

    Wish you all the best for your career and personal life.


    • Hello Neeraj,

      Good judgement. I was involved in Sales of Polyester Fibre, which is part of Textile & Home linen industry.



      • Interesting, I did not notice the relationship between these places. I was into textile area for almost 8 years (based in Coimbatore) but traveled across India, and some EU countries. I worked in yarn manufacturing, fabric manufacturing, knitting, processing& finishing, textile machinery manufacturing areas.

        Good olden days (all when I was bachelor)…nice to remember.


        • Hello Shiva,

          Good to know something more about you.

          Yes. Those days being bachelor & working in Sales travelling couple of weeks in a month were fansactic. But after a while I started feeling frustrated & a sense of satisfaction was absent.

          But since I am in SAP, I am enjoying my work practically everyday


          Jignesh Mehta

  • Hello Jignesh,

    Nicely articulated  bio . Your wish to contribute to forum is appreciated and will inspire new comers.

    Apart from SAP you know you have inspired two kind of people here πŸ˜‰

    Those who are willing to stay fit and those who want to spent some time on self and family


    • Hello Atul,

      Thank you.

      Yes. It is very important to keep fit, especially given today’s lifestyle.


      Jignesh Mehta

  • Jignesh,

    It was really nice reading your blog and knowing your passions for SAP and Automotives.

    Wish you good luck in your endeavors.



  • Hi Jignesh,

    Thanks for sharing details in BIF.

    Looking to inherent DNA of Gujju, still you can keep your option open for venturing business in SAP domain.

    Wish you all the best and good luck for the same.

    best regards,

    rajesh dalwadi

    Sr. Functional Consultant – Wipro Technologies

    mobile +1 8326 7777 00

  • Nice to meet you and great pictures of you and your daughter.

    Thank you for sharing something about yourself.  I think we’ve all had similar regrets with our own families.



    • Hello Tammy,

      Thank you. yes. There are always some regrets in our hearts with regards to our families & our personal lives.


      Jignesh Mehta

  • Hi Jignesh,

    Nice to know about you via BIF. Your contribution to SCN, especially, SD forum is commendable. I am missing Mumbai.. The place where I learned the value of time(especially to catch the local trains πŸ™‚ ).

    Good to see your beautiful daughter’s photo. Certainly, I have to learn few things from your blog..1. Reduce weight 2. Not to hurt anyone.. especially our beloved ones.

    All the best your Mumbai – Ladakh trip.

    Thanks a lot for tagging me in BIF.. A big challenge ahead.

    Regards, Sai Krishna.

  • Hello Jignesh,

    It feels great when people like you are mentioning me in your BIF. It is really nice to hear such views you hold about me.

    Your BIF is really nice.I was there in Mumbai for a very short time in the month of Nov,12.It is a nice city and have some similarities in many ways with my hometown Kolkata.

    Next time I will try to meet you there if I get a chance to go there.

    I have also learnt so many things from your post.It is been a great learning by following your post along with other great members;

    G Lakshmipathi

    Shiva Ram

    Jyoti Prakash

    ‘ MoazzaM ‘



  • Nice to know something about you Jignesh and when I read your comments on your interest (Cars / Bike), you reminded me of Dhoni (those who do not know cricket, he is the captain of Indian Cricket team and his hobby is owning different models of bikes).

    In fact, I am literally quite opposite on what you say about travelling which you love much.  If somebody offer me 100% hike and  inform that I should travel quite frequently, I would love to be with the existing job.  I hate travelling:-)

    • Hello Lakshmipathi,

      Thank you for your comments & even bigger thank you for giving me a chance to express myself in Blog It Forward chain. I regret the delay in posting this blog as it took me a little time to understand the process.

      Anyways as far as travelling is concerned, I literally love it & I am definitely open to visit or settle in a foreign country even today. I do not want to get philosophical, but we all understand that – Change is life & travelling is the best way to experience change.


      Jignesh Mehta

      • πŸ˜† I think you are a dedicated person. You are the follower of Christian Bale when it comes to weight loss πŸ˜‰ . Please share secrets here. It will definitely help others πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        – Midhun VP

  • Hi Jignesh,

    Good Day! πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for sharing about you and your experience. It was very interesting and different to read you BIF. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing exceptional blog. Keep rocking and sharing new innovation and ideas. I love to read your blogs and happy to comment it.

    Have a Wonderful day!



    Hari Suseelan