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SAP Cloud Studio and PSM Requests – Why won’t SAP enable their partners?

I get a lot of scrutiny for pointing out issues with SAP’s Cloud Support model. I am only trying to help. But sometimes I wonder if the effort is worth the return on investment.

For example: I logged an incident (3100762326) with SAP Cloud Support on Sunday, asking for write-access to a particular field in the PSM (Public Solution Model). I made my business case, and it is a very compelling one since its related to a customer-specific solution in the Med Devices industry, which is highly regulated. This is a hot growth area, and I know SAP is interested in the market, but from the response I’m getting, it sure doesn’t feel that way.

Before I get into SAP’s response, let me reiterate the protocol that has been quoted time and again from SAP’s Rainer Zinnow:

  • All PSM Requests should be logged as high priority
  • All PSM Requests should have some business context as well as supporting information (what exactly needs to be changed, UI screenshots, etc.)
  • SAP will respond within three days of submission, providing at least some level of guidance as to whether they will accommodate the request or not.

Despite following these procedures, most PSM requests linger for weeks or months, or are simply ignored.

After logging the PSM Request I mentioned above, four days after the date of submission, I received the following discouraging message from SAP (I removed the name of the Support Representative to protect the innocent):

Dear Mr. Wickham,

After assessing the business impact of the issue reported in your
incident, we have changed the priority to Medium in accordance with the
priority level definition outlined within the product documentation. For
further information, please refer to the chapter “Help Us to Help You”
on the page “Your Way to Support” on the Business Center for On-Demand
Solutions from SAP. URL as below:

We will provide you an update as soon as we have new information,in
regards of your request, at the latest in 5 business days.

So I guess what Rainer has told us many times is no longer valid?  Now the requests are lowered to Medium? From my experience in the SAP Cloud world, a medium request is basically brushed aside and rarely resolved.

I just want one answer: does SAP want to enable their partners or not? My customer-specific solution could crack open the regulated Med Devices and Life Sciences industries for SAP’s Cloud portfolio. All I need is a single, lonely element to be write-enabled.

The thing is, I’m not even upset about this. Previously I would have been very angry that I cannot serve my customer, but I’ve had so many bad experiences with the PSM that this is what I’ve come to expect. In fact, I gave up on the development market for quite a while because I found it futile to get around the PSM. But right now, my development business is very hot, and growing very fast, so I hope we can all hold hands and settle this process once and for all.

– Judson

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