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Patch Level 7 Now Available

Patch Level Seven Now Available

NWBC PL7 is now available for download from SAP Service  Marketplace:

Support Packages and Patches A – Z Index “N” NETWEAVER BUSINESS CLIENT NWBC NW BUSINESS CLIENT 4.0 Win32

Highlights (of PL7 plus PL6 and PL5) include:

  • Support for the new UI theme designer and infrastructure, available from
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 support (desktop mode)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 support (desktop mode, in conjunction with IE 10) – keyboard and mouse mode, not touch-enabling.
  • Context-sensitive side panel enhancements
  • Authentication: NWBC supports usage of Secure Login Client with the upcoming SAP NW SSO 2.0 SP0.
  • SAP GUI integration regarding busy sessions (needs SAP GUI 7.30 Patch Level 4) missing scrollbars in popup windows

Note on PL4: This patch was mainly for fixes. However it also includes enhancements to tabbed browsing. End users can : change the order of tabs by drag and drop; drag and drop a tab to a new window; and change tab icons (by right-clicking on the tab). Also included: right-to-left (RTL) support.

For more details on all the above, see SAP Note 1707626

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  • Hi Julie,

    Thanks for posting this information, but I would raise one concern about why the new UI Theme Designer integration was included in the 4.0 release and not a 4.1 release?  Basically, 4.0 has been, to be honest, pretty buggy, and I encourage my customers to take patches frequently for 4.0 and more recently, it’s starting to show signs of robustness. But by now introducing new functionality into the 4.0 release; it poses risk to customers trying to go-live with NWBC, and leaves them a much more difficult choice when new functionality is added alongside a support release.

    Just something to consider in your release/support strategy unless you have mechanisms in place to minimise this risk to customers.

    That all said, the new UI theme designer and Windows 8 support are warmly welcomed for future projects from me; and appreciate the blog.



    • Hi Matt,

      I discussed this in some depth with the Product Owner this morning. Apart from UI theme designer support,  most of the new stuff – including Windows 8 support – were round-offs, ie relatively small usability/ operational fixes triggered by customer feedback. This also applies to any future 4.0 patches: we won’t be releasing functionality, just fixes.

      Even with UI theme designer support, though not trivial, much of the effort was in the infrastructure, not the NWBC patch itself. In addition, enhancements will only become active when connecting to the new NWBC runtime provided with the UI AddOn. In these cases, we simply try to minimize the impact through extensive regression testing.

      I can see that this answer isn’t 100% satisfying, because ultimately it’s a trade-off.

      However, we’ll keep these comments in mind for future releases. So please keep the comments coming ! I appreciate it.

      (Sorry about the delay; I’ve been ill for the past 2 weeks 🙁  ).

      Best wishes


      • Sorry to hear you’ve been ill, but hopefully you’re fully back on your feet again.

        Thanks for the detailed follow-up response. Taking this into account was my biggest concern going forward and glad to hear that recognised. I’m now at the point where I recommend NWBC over Portal installs for SAP implementations across multiple systems; but it is still a very close call in terms of stability/functionality (e.g. Stability – PL7 has a memory issue when creating new connections. Functionality – I only discovered today that ADFS SAML and SNC don’t play nice together and it’s a bit dodgy to support SAPGUI settings to remote systems in the NWBC connection information).

        Still – I believe it’s a great solution, and the UI improvements in PL7 are good step forward in the UX story and case for using NWBC over Portal. This blog on the experience web site looks great, but pity SCN doesn’t have a downloadable or AWS instance of an ABAP system I can try this all out on! I guess that’s what Tech Ed is for this year 🙂



        • Hello Matt

          Likely better for me to start a thread about it in the forums, but curious if you might share some of the ADFS/SAML/SNC as wel as SAPGUI settings concerns?


          • Hi Eric,

            Can’t tell you too much as I didn’t configure the SAML, but from the SNC perspective; to use SNC, you need to use the cryptic SAP Gui field in the NWBC connection string to match up to the SAPGUI description where you define SNC. And if you have remote systems, they need to be defined in NWBC alongside SAPGUI also! Not really user friendly but you can avoid this issue by using direct start-up URL’s with a Windows shortcut starting with sap-nwbc://https://servernane/sap/bc/nwbc.

            Anyway, I digress – so when you have SAML and you try to activate SNC, SNC overwrites the logon cookie so users are presented a logon screen when navigating to a SAPGUI transaction. No solution at the moment I believe.

            Anyway, hope that is of help.



        • Hi Matt,

          Re: Tryout systems. Have you tried downloading the SAP NW UI Add-On 1.0 SPS04 (+ you need to implement Note 1856782)? I can see why you don’t want to roll this out to every server – but could you download it to a sandbox system? Just an idea.

          Best wishes,

          • Hi Julie,

            Luckily at my current customer, they just applied SP4 and hopefulkly our outsourcer will be implementing that note shortly (tweeted about it actually I was that excited! – it’s the little things) –  My point really was though that I’m an independent, and although I could go to the trouble of installing a system from scratch through my customer, there is no option for me personally to stand up a system where I can patch it without a maintenance key. Very frustrating actually.  Even on the above server, I can’t try out HTML Islands because our Netweaver support stack version isn’t up to date. Hopefully SAP will start releasing AWS instances that can be patched (albeit monitored by SAP).



  • Hi Julie, with PL7 I still getting this message “You are calling this web site with a browser that is not supported” in my Windows 8 + IE 10 system. May be you are aware of any workarounds in this release?

    By the way, PL8 is available as from Jun 11, but I didn’t test it yet.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Leonardo,

      Have You checked the Unified Rendering version of Your system? In these cases it is highly possibly that applying the latest UR version will solve Your issue (if this is the case, the issue here is that Your browser is newer then Your UR version).



      • Hi Melinda, UR version in my system (7.02 SP7) is I found Note 1806685 is required to be applied in order to update to a newest version. Is that correct?


        • Hi Leonardo,

          Newest version for Basis 702 is Note 1879254 (prerequisites are also needed, and implementation of 875986 is also recommended – this is for SNOTE).