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The convenience of number range objects

Why this blog?

I want to share with the community how easy you can use a number range object within, in this case, a graphical message mapping.

Scope and context

The Number Range Object (NRO) module provides the option to insert automatically continuous counters into an incoming and outgoing message.

These numbers can be created and are oriented towards the defined intervals in the respective objects.

NRO’s can be created and edited via a special maintenance screen. This can be accessed directly via URL
http://<host>:<port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/ or via the B2B Integration Cockpit.

The NRO configured for this blog is /B2B/TestNRO.




You can clean them up using background job AssignedNumbersCleanUp.

Within a graphical message mapping, you have to use this constant:


The module replaces every occurrence of this constant with the last number associated the <NRO> used.

To enable the replacement of the NRO variable by the real value, do not forget to include the adapter module:


No further configuration is necessary and you are ready to go!

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    • Hi Andreas,

      To allow the system to read the variable and replace it with an actual value, you must add this upfront: $B2B_UEBNR_BEFORE. After the variable, you must add this: $B2B_END_UEBNR.

      That’t the way it works.

      Kind regards,


      • That’s the way a lot of things work in PI. Very error-prone. One would hope that dropdowns, select lists and “pre-filled” selection opportunities would be spread to SAP PI development department.

        • Dear Andreas,

          Please have a look at the Idea Place, like Mariana mentioned.

          Nothing and nobody is 100% perfect. This is also the case for SAP software. But we can try to make it more perfect.

          Use your criticism and personal experience and convert that into a brilliant idea.

          Looking forward to it!

          Kind regards,


  • Hi Dimtri,

    I noticed that you have used $B2B_UEBNR_BEFORE in the mapping. Is it on purpose? 😕 This constant will return the same value for all the transactions unless the message content itself contains the constant mentioned below. If you have used the constant $B2B_UEBNR<nroName>$B2B_END_UEBNR, the numbers get incremented.



      • Hello Dimitri,

        what are the roles to be added to the user in order to get “Create” option enabled for NRO through B2B Integration Cockpit.

        I have below roles added to my user already…







  • Hi Bhavana,

    Make sure role SAP_PI_B2B_NRO_ADMIN is assigned. There is also a read only role available: SAP_PI_B2B_NRO_READONLY

    Kind regards, Dimitri

    • Thank you Dimitri. It worked !

      I have another question – How do we transport NRO & copy control key scenrios that is created in DEV to QA->PROD ?




  • Hi Bhavana,

    Unfortunately, that is not possible.

    Please export the configuration on the development system and import it into the target system.

    Kind regards, Dimitri

  • Hi Dimitri,

    I have used the NRO Functionality in one of my interface where it is Generating a Sequence number using NRO and adding the same to target file name.but unfortunately i am getting errors for some messages stating that “Transmission Number Module was not able to aquire lock”.


    Can you please help me on this..

    Thanks & Regards


      • Hi All,

        I am Getting NRO lock error while message processing in the receiver SFTP Channel. As i have used NRO in the file naming of the target file that was sent to receiver.

        File Naming Convention : Cylinder_%MessageNumber%_.xml.

        As the messagenumber field hold the NRO Variable.

        please provide your valuable inputs on this issue.

        Thanks & Regards

        Uday Suvvada

  • Hi Dimitri,


    As per your above inputs i can understand that we can’t transport NRO.

    my question is, any possibility to make NRO transport in latest versions i.e 7.5 Single stack


    Help me with your comment here…


    Thanks & Regards,

    Manohar Reddy