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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for Office 1.4 Now GA, Part 2

In my blog last Friday, I discussed installation steps and briefly just some of the new features.  In this blog, I will review some of the other new features that came with this release, which was GA last Friday.

We have seen many questions regarding Analysis Office 1.4 – please review the Product Availability Matrix. Analysis Office 1.4 32 bit and 64 bit supports MS Office 2013.

Waterfall Charts

In the past, Analysis Office supported charts in Excel.  Now it is offering two types of Waterfall Charts:


The first type of Waterfall Chart shows up as follows:


Here is an example of a pivoted Waterfall Chart:


Reset Data Source

In the previous blog, you saw you can launch the BEx Query Designer.

If you make some changes to the crosstab using the Display Panel, you can use Reset Data Source to set the query back to the initial state of the BEx query.

This is a right-click from the context menu, and select Reset Data Source


Selecting Reset Data Source will reset it back to the initial navigation state of the BEx Query.

Note you can also make this setting to reset on opening from the Display panel:


Read Access Mode

Select a characteristic (“aka Member”) and select Members > Access Mode


You can select only those values with posted data as shown above.

If you show values in Master Data you will see everything, even those without any transactions posted against them.

Note in the User Settings the “Allow Access Mode to be Changed” option must be turned on:


More to come.

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