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Predefined B1toB1 Scenarios


In this presentation you will learn to:


  • Understand the business processes of this scenario
  • Describe the predefined integration content of this scenario
  • Configure a business process to run the scenario between SAP Business One systems
  • Monitor and trouble shoot the B1iSN processing for this scenario


1. Introduction to the predefined B1toB1 Sales from Local Stock Scenario


Important notes

Document Reference:

You can refer to the solution configuration guide of Inter-Company Purchasing for more details:

<<…/B1i_Installation_CD/Content/Documents/Config_Guide_SAP_Business_One_Inter- Company_Purchasing_EN.pdf>>

SAP Business One Integration for SAP NetWeaver:


You can start it from the following link :

http://[Your_B1iSN_Server]:8080/B1iXcellerator/exec/dummy/ olCenter.bfd?!


Inter-Company Purchasing – SAP Business One: Overview



The headquarters supplies subsidiaries with sales products. Associated subsidiaries act as sales offices (Sales from Central Stock) or local distribution centers (Sales from Local Stock). The scenario supports a series of process steps from logistics to financials across 2 different parties and– therefore clear quantifiable benefits in terms of process acceleration and process cost reduction will be achieved.




high amount of automation
process acceleration
process cost reduction

Key process flows covered


Sales from Central Stock (Subsidiary as Sales Office without warehouse)
Sales from Local Stock (Subsidiary with own warehouse)




Inter-Company Purchasing – SAP Business One Sales from Local Stock: Process Details



2. Configure and Run the B1toB1 Sales from Local Stock Scenario


Create UDFs for Marketing Documents in SAP Business One Headquarter Company


Important Note:


This scenario requires to some User-Defined Fields for Marketing Documents by manual.


Document Reference:


Please refer to configuration guide of Inter-Company Purchasing for detail. <<…/B1i_Installation_CD/Content/Documents/Config_Guide_SAP_Business_On e_Inter-Company_Purchasing_EN.pdf>> => Creating User-Defined Fields for Marketing Documents.


Set up the business partner representing Headquarter company in Subsidiaries



  1. Please refer to the section Maintaining Master Data in the configuration guide for detail.
  2. You should create a vendor in each subsidiary to represent Headquarter. And keep the same BP code for Headquarter vendor in all Subsidiaries.
  3. Maintain system property “Headquarter’s Vendor Number” for Headquarter company.



Set up the business partner(s) representing Subsidiary company in Headquarter



  1. Please refer to Maintaining Master Data in the configuration guide for detail.
  2. Please create a customer in Headquarter to represent each Subsidiary.
  3. Maintain system property “Subsidiary’s Customer Number” for Subsidiary company


Configure and Run: Step 1 – Set Up BizPackage




To setup sale from local stock, select BizPackage SAP Business One – Sales from Local Stock.

Select the subsidiary company as Sender system, and the headquarter company as Receiver system

Configure and Run: Step 2 – Select BizStep




Configure and Run: Step 3 – Set Data Scope




Filter the purchase order by Headquarter’s Vendor Number.

Filter the order confirmation, delivery and A/R Invoice by Subsidiary’s Customer Numebr

Filter the delivery by POType: INT  – Purchase Order without Sales Order reference. Used by Sales from Local Stock EXT – Purchase Order based on Sales Order. Used by Sales from Central Stock

Configure and Run: Step 4 – Set Data Properties



Configure and Run: Step 5 – Activate the Business Process



Now it is ready to run the sales from local stock scenario.


3. Monitoring and trouble shootings


Message Log Filter



Message Log




Trouble Shootings


1.UDF U_ExPrice or U_ExCurrency doesn’t exist.

Make sure the relevant UDFs are created in Headquarter company.-Restart SAP Business One DI Proxy after creation of UDF.


2.Error message “No object dispatch” in Message log

Just retry the message from error inbox.








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