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use 2 price condition in same pricing procedure for one sales order


We can use two materials and two pricing condition in one sales pricing procedure by configuration process:

See sales order 5000000000 Material is Finish Goods & it has a BOM.  3000000001 and 2000000000 Materials are BOM sub Item. We can sales this 5000000000 material in SO & 2000000000 materials also in SO. For both materials we can use one sales order pricing procedure.

  1. First extend both materials sales view for the sales order.

   2.  For 2 materials create different two item category (ZMSO & ZMTA) and two price condition ZMP0 & ZBP0. Assign condition in sales order pricing procedure (SPRO => Sales & Distribution => Basic function => Pricing Control.)

  3. Create ZMSO copy from TAN & ZMTA copy from TANN. (SPRO => Sales & Distribution => Sales => Sales Documents=>value Contract =>Define Item categories for value contact and contract rel.) Assign Item category (SPRO => Sales & Distribution => Sales => Sales Documents=>value Contract.)

    4. Assign Item category ZMSO & ZMTA under sales order type.

Assign itencategory.PNG

5. Price condition ZMP0 for Item Category ZMSO and price condition ZBP0 for Item Category ZMTA.

  6. If ZMP0 & ZBP0 price condition has same GL then use same account key or GL are not same then create different account key for 2 price condition to assign GL.

  7. ZMP0 & ZBP0 assign in pricing procedure keep option blank for Mandatory, Required & statistic.

  8. In ZMSO item category ZMP0 price condition should be maintain & in ZMTA item category ZBP0 price condition should be maintain.

  9. sales order type pricing procedure:


10. BOM item


11. sales line item


12. ZMSO item category pricing condition


13. ZMTA item category pricing condition

Price condition.PNG


in this way we can add one more price condition for one material in SO


Md. Enayet Hossain

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      Author's profile photo TW Typewriter
      TW Typewriter


      What business requirement is this document addressing?

      What I understand is e.g.

      1. Laptop-101 contains subitems e.g. mouse etc.

      2. Mouse can be sold separately too.

      Sales order with

      Line 10 - 1EA Laptop-101

      Line 20 - 1EA Mouse

      Is there any need to create two different Pricing condition types?

      With just one condition type and having different condition records, we can ascertain the price of different materials, in the sales order.

      In VK11 e.g. for condition type ZPR0:
      Material Laptop-101 500USD

      Material Mouse 25USD

      Author's profile photo Md. Enayet Hossain
      Md. Enayet Hossain
      Blog Post Author

      hi T W,

      This business requirement is document addressing for production related sales, like cement, which has BOM item and we can use BOM sub item for sales.

      One sales order type can only use for one item. But by this process we can sales one more item under one sales order type and pricing procedure.

      You can take a standard sales order type, here you can sales only Laptop or mouse, also laptop and mouse both item. Whatever item you want to sales just maintain properly product wise item category and price condition.

      “Is there any need to create two different Pricing condition types?”

      It’s depending on sales unit (MT, BAG, EA) etc. sales unit wise you can use separate pricing condition.

      In one sales order if your one item sales unit is MT and another item is BAG then you can use different pricing condition for VK11.


      Enayet Hossain