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Quickly creating Cube and Server OLAP connections

This post and accompanying video illustrate how to quickly create new OLAP connections in CMC by reusing the information already entered for another existing OLAP connection.

Normally, when creating new OLAP connections using New Connection menu, BI administrators would need to type in a number of entries such as the server name, language, or authentication information, which are typically the same for every connection off the same OLAP server.


To create new connections a bit quicker, instead of using New Connection menu, BI administrators could copy existing ones by invoking Copy menu item from Organize right-click context menu off an existing OLAP connection. This will result in a new connection being created with already prepopulated entries except for the connection name and the actual cube to connect to. The newly created entries can be further refined or simply saved as is.


The following video demonstrates how to perform these steps when creating a couple of new OLAP connections off SAP BW specifically Cube and Server connections.

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  • Hello!

    I have OLAP cube with Russia name and with English name in SSAS 2008 R2

    When I create business layer in IDT on OLAP connection XMLA

    I can not see cube with Russia name.. But see English name cube successful..

    Can you help me how resolved this problem?

    • Hi Andrey,

      Are you using Analysis edition for OLAP (A-OLAP) to consume the connection, or you are doing it from IDT?

      If this connection is used from A-OLAP, then the issue should be resolved in BI4.1 SP02 and higher releases.

      Alternatively, can you create the OLAP connection in CMC (as opposed in IDT tool) and see the cube with the Russian name using A-OLAP? If you leave the connection language empty, A-OLAP should use your user's PVL setting when connecting to the cube.



      • Boris thank you for response!

        Yes I check it on BO 4.1 SP2 and when use A-OLAP all work fine..

        But I can not use WebI with UNX universe...

        If it bugs I can not find information about it...


        Andrey Ivanov

        • Hi Andrey,

          Thanks for the clarification. I am not familiar with the language handling within WebI based on UNX, and thus cannot comment on this particular issue you are facing. Perhaps, raising a ticket with our support team is the next appropriate step.