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Error Replicating 3.5 Datasources after upgrade from BI 7.0 to BW 7.3

Hi Users,
I wanted to share my experience which i faced recently after upgrading our system landscape to BW 7.3 from BI 7.0.

We have 3.5 datasources which are serving as targets for the 3.5 datasources in other teams systems. These are master data loadings.
The sytem landscape for those(source) teams is in BW 3.5 version.

When those teams were executing the process chains after our upgrade to BW 7.3, the loads were failing.
The error message was not much helpful. It was error code 2 – source file must be open in source system.

The source teams tried to replicate the datasources. But the moment they click on replicate datasources, the datasources would just dissapear.
This was a strange behaviour i have seen. We concluded that this would be due to  BW 3.5 and BW 7.3 versions incompatibity.

I tried to google, scn etc. but could not find much info on this behaviour.

We checked the dataflows in both the target and source systems and it was active.

Then we tried to “Activate the transfer structure for the info sources which had issue using the Program “RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL”.and executed the loads
and it was succesful.

Hope this error blog gets helpful for users.

Syed Zabiullah

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