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Last month SAP covered what is new with Analysis Office here.  Today is it generally available, according to the PAM.   This morning I was able to install it on my machine.

The install file is only 79.2 MB and installation is fairly easy.


When you get to this screen you need to click the Enable 1.4 Features checkbox.


Once you install you see the success.

Go to the Settings Tab to enable some new features:


I can enable the launch query designer button and Create Web Application (launch Design Studio)

Note to BEx launch query designer you need to install the latest SAP Gui patch for 730; otherwise it is greyed out.


After clicking “Launch Query Designer” you can then launch the BEx Query Designer:


More to come in future  – read access mode, reset data source, etc.  Watch the BusinessObjects Analysis Office space.

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  1. Ignacio Llopis Tortosa

    Thanks for your article Tammy.

    I just tested the new option “Launch Query Designer” and I am really disappointed. I expected the same functionality as BEx Analyzer but I just found a shortcut to BEx Query Designer. If I open the Query Designer, modify the query and come back to Analysis, data is not refreshed. I also have to login each time I press the launch Query Designer button.

    Do I miss any configuration?  Is this the expected functionality?

    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hello Ignacio,

      I didn’t mention all the features of Analysis 1.4 (I was out of the office and ran out of time)

      What I did was after changing the BEx Query, come back to Analysis Office and right click > Reset Data Source, and it was updated.

      I will try to write another blog on this later.

      If you still experience issues please create a discussion post on your question/issue.

      Kind regards,


      1. Eric Ntomo

        Hi Tammy,

        I have got a Problem with Connection Query Designer with Dashboard.

        I have already poasted it. Did you see it

        Best Regards


  2. Daniel Gröber

    Hello Tammy,

    Launch of Query Designer is only available with GUI 730? That would be quite annoying, as we are still using 720. Any reasons for that? Or patches for GUI 720?

    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      My understanding is that SAP GUI 720 went out of maintenance in April of this year.

      I don’t work for SAP but my guess is it likely won’t work for SAP Gui 720

      I recommend submitting a SAP support ticket on this.



      1. Daniel Gröber

        We will change sooner or later – but the problem is, that it is not available for selected users which we wanted to use AO before the rest.

        Is there any “official” statement about the connection QD-Launch-GUI 730? Note?

        1. Tammy Powlas Post author

          Daniel – I recommend opening a new discussion on this, instead of replying on the blog.

          I know I needed to be on SAP Gui 7.3 SP3 for this to work.

          Kind regards,


  3. Emanuela Munich

    Hi Tammy,

    I have read your blogs and installed the latest version and the SAP GUI as well.

    Now when I try to insert the data source I don´t see the option to skip and connect to SAP BW – as we don´t have a BO server , I must use SAP BW as data source- can you help me ?

    thanks and regards


    1. David Stocker

      It sounds like you might have switched your platform to one of the BOE options.  Try looking in your settings dialog, on the Platform Settings tab.



    2. Anita Dixit

      Hi Manu,
      To enable you to se the option ‘Skip’ and connect to SAP BW, please follow this :
      Go to Analysis Tab ->Settings->Platform Settings
      Preferred Platform : Selectable.

      This should set the ‘Skip’ button and let you connect to the system of your choice.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Marian Canciu

    Hi Tammy

    We are facing a bizzare notebook behaviour:

    – WIN7 64 bit and Office 2013 with 32 bit installed

    – analysis office 1.4 32 installer downloaded

    When starting the installer (as administrator) the prerequisites are checking for Office 2013 32 bit (which is actually installed) and we can’t proceed with the installation.

    Is this a known bug ?

    Any workaround to solve this issue?



  5. David Stocker

    Hi Marian,

    I’ve seen this before, but don’t remember what the fix was.  I’ll ask around for you on Monday Morning.



    1. Scott Strool

      This is still an issue for us. I have Office 2013 installed as part of Office 365. My OS is Windows 8.1 (64bit). The install reports that I do not have Office 2013.


      I found a patch that is now working.


  6. Linda WONG

    Hi Tammy,

    We are currently using Bex 3.5 Analyzer and Query Designer. With Analysis Office 1.4, I am able to open Bex 3.5 Workbooks.

    Just wondering, will Bex 3.5 Queries and Workbooks still be supported by future release of Analysis Office (ie. after 1.4)? Is there any plan to support Workbooks/Queries only from Bex 7.x onwards?


    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hi Linda,

      I don’t work for SAP so I really can’t say.

      I do know the SAP 730 Gui (old 7.20 Gui went out of maintenance in April of this year) doesn’t ship with BEx 3.5

      Perhaps open a discussion thread so SAP sees this and can respond?




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