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Author's profile photo Richard Hirsch

A guide to Twitter hashtags for SAP’s Cloud offerings

As an avid Twitter user, I use hashtags extensively in order to better classify my own tweets as well as to find interesting tweets from others. Since I focus on SAP’s cloud offerings, I try and use the appropriate hashtags.  Based on a variety of reasons (product name changes, speed at which new offerings emerge, etc), I often have difficulty knowing which hashtag to use.

The following table – crowd-sourced and, thus, unofficial – provides a guide to such cloud-related hashtags.

My goal is to allow everyone in the greater ecosystem interested in SAP cloud activities to collaborate / communicate better – this goal is difficult when we all use different Twitter hashtags to talk about the same thing.

Note: This is a live document and will evolve as branding/marketing does, so if this table contains mistakes/outdated information, please make changes / additions as appropriate

Active hashtags

Product / Topic Hashtag Comment
SAP HANA Cloud Platform #saphcp
General cloud topics #sap #cloud

Best practice is #sap #cloud.

Some followers use #sapcloud

SAP ByDesign #SAP #ByDesign Always use both
SAP HANA Cloud Portal #HANACloudPortal


often seen as just #HANA
SuccessFactors (an SAP Company) #SuccessFactors
HANA One #sapHanaOne
Ariba #AribaInc
SAP HANA Cloud Integration #saphci
SAP Cloud for Financials #sap #cloud #financials
SAP Jam #SAPJam or sometimes #sapsocial
SAP Cloud for Travel #sap #cloud #travel
SAP Business One Cloud
SAP Cloud for Customer #sap #cloud #customer
SAP Cloud for Sales #sap #cloud #sales
SAP Cloud for Service #sap #cloud #service
SAP Cloud for Social Engagement #sap #cloud #social or sometimes #sapsocial

SAP Social Media Analytics

by Netbase

#sap #social #analytics or sometimes #sap #netbase
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud #saphec

Of course, it is also possible to use multiple hashtags.

Archived / invalid hashtags

Product / Topic Hashtag Comment
SAP HANA Cloud #saphanacloud
Neo was one of the early names of the HANA Cloud Platform #neo generally in reference to the open JVM bit of HCP
SAP NetWeaver Cloud – Neo before being engulfed in HCP #sapnwcloud
Jam  – before project Rebus brought the power of SAP StreamWork to SAP Jam, it was just Jam #jam
Jobs2Web – the awesome recruitment platform purchased by SuccessFactors – and now officially known as SuccessFactors Recruiting #jobs2web people still know what this means, but not sure it is following official naming pattern
SuccessFactors (not an SAP company) #SFSF SFSF was the official NYSE symbol for SuccessFactors before it was bought by SAP. You certainly still see this about, but official tag definitely seems to be #SuccessFactors
Employee Central (part of SuccessFactors suite) #EC apparently this shouldn’t be used (ref) although it is certainly seen in the wild

Assigned Tags

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Well done, still missing pieces, but i am also not sure about:

      SAP Cloud for Customer (ex Customer OnDemand)

      SAP Cloud for Sales etc.

      Author's profile photo Chris Paine
      Chris Paine

      Added SAP Jam and put the uppercase F in SuccessFactors.

      Also added deprecated nwcloud!

      Author's profile photo Chris Paine
      Chris Paine

      Added the new SAP Cloud for.... ones and a few more old SuccessFactors ones, and made sure HANA was always in CAPS even if it wasn't on Vishal's SAPPHIRENOW slide deck 😉

      Author's profile photo Christian Happel
      Christian Happel


      I'm not sure whether SAP still want to use product names in hashtags. There might be exceptions such as HANA and ByDesign, but in general it looks to me that we are trying to use more general hashtags to also appear in people's feed if they are not connected with the SAP ecosystem already.

      Let me give you an example:

      If you watch our official SAP Cloud Twitter accounts you will recognize that the hashtag #sapcloud has been replaced by the two hashtags #sap and #cloud. This way the tweets also appear when people are searching for #cloud alone.

      Now, in order to still be able to address the multiple target groups multiple hashtags are used. For example: A tweet about SAP Cloud for Sales will probably include "#SAP #Cloud for #Sales", a tweet about SAP Cloud for Travel will include "#SAP #Cloud for #Travel" etc. You get the idea.

      Best regards, Christian

      Author's profile photo Richard Hirsch
      Richard Hirsch
      Blog Post Author


      I've seen increased use of multiple hashtags recently and I understand the intention. However, what are you going to do with Cloud offerings with longer names - such as #HANA #Enterprise #Cloud (24 characters) or #HANA #Cloud #Platform (23 characters).  If you use multiple hashtags you will reach a wider audience but you lose a lot of the characters which should probably be used for the message itself.


      Author's profile photo Christian Happel
      Christian Happel

      Hi Dick,

      Agree. As I said there might be exceptions. Unfortunately I don't know the "official" answer to that. Otherwise I would have adjusted your document 😉

      I just know that I heard about this for products such as Cloud for Sales, Travel etc.

      Author's profile photo Schalk Viljoen
      Schalk Viljoen

      Hi Dick, Christian - apologies for being late to the conversation ... want to agree with Christian... after having done quite a bit of research (using @Netbase or #SAP #Social #Analytics 😉 of course ) - the internal consensus was that while we want to address a broader audience than only our followers (we are still in build mode), it is better to use #SAP #Cloud than #SAPCloud. The same is true for all of our Cloud Solutions.

      This may change once we have millions of followers on Twitter and enough customers and then everybody would now what #sapcloud is.

      Flippancy aside - our best practise would be a # in front of each relevant component of the product name.

      Author's profile photo Schalk Viljoen
      Schalk Viljoen

      Hi Dick - I updated the document to reflect the #SAP #Cloud hashtag best practice of placing a #tag in front of each component of a #SAP #Cloud #Solution when Tweeting.