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Valuation of absence using average value involves the following steps:

1. No assignment of valuation basis to the wage type carrying absence data (wage type 4002) in V_512W_B

2. Creating bases for calculating average values as follows:  In this step, you specify which primary wage types and which partial period parameters should be included in which average calculation basis.  The secondary wage types /201 to /232 are available as average calculation bases.  Specify which primary wage type should be included in which average basis.  Specify which wage type field (RTE, NUM, or AMT) should be used with which percentage.

SPRO–IMG–Payroll–Intl Payroll—Time wage type valuation—New Averages—Create bases for calculating average values

Here, over time remuneration is taken into account in /201 secondary wage type

ScreenHunter_197 May. 29 21.57.jpg

3. Create calculation rules for Averages:  SPRO–IMG—Payroll—Intl Payroll–time wage type valuation–new averages–create calculation rules for averages–click on   a.  cumulation rules for bases for calculating average values

ScreenHunter_198 May. 29 22.09.jpg

b. Modify the average formula in X018 PCR as per custom requirment. For example, the average value is based on the overtime remuneration of the last 3 months calculated on per day basis…therefore, X018 is modified as follows into Z843

ScreenHunter_198 May. 29 22.09.jpg

c. Final processing rules for Averages:  SPRO–IMG–Payroll–Intl Payroll—Time wage type valuation—New Averages–Create Calculation rules for Averages–click on Final Processing rules….Create a final processing rule ZE43 and assign custom PCR Z843 to ZE43…

ScreenHunter_200 May. 29 22.19.jpg

d. Create Calculation rule for averages : Create Average calculation rule ZA43 as shown in the screen shot by assigning all the above rules as follows:

ScreenHunter_201 May. 29 22.22.jpg

4. Assign the valuation of averages to primary wage type (4002 here) in V_T51AV_P: SPRO–IMG–Payroll—Intnl Payroll—time wage type valuation—New Averages—Assign the valuation of averages to primary wage type as follows

ScreenHunter_202 May. 29 22.26.jpg

5. Besides, absence valuation rule must also be configured and primary wage type (4002) to be assigned with as discussed in Absence valuation using constant or fixed amount ( skip the entry in T510 J)

6. Maintain absences via PA30 for the relevant employee and run payroll to see absence valuation with average value as follows:

ScreenHunter_202 May. 29 22.38.jpg

ScreenHunter_203 May. 29 22.40.jpg

ScreenHunter_204 May. 29 22.41.jpg

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    please show the modification in Z843. By mistake u copied and pasted it wrong.

    all your time wage valuation demonstrations posted are very helpful

    amit c soman

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    Hello Santoshini,

    Please can you help me regarding averages, I am working for UK payroll averages and stuck in middle.

    Its little bit complicated requirement.




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