You can download SAP GUI 7.40 Installation Software and Patches from the following links (SMP Login required)

SAP GUI 7.40 for Windows

SAP GUI 7.40 for MAC

SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) 5.0

SAP GUI 7.40 for JAVA

On 5th of December 2014 SAP GUI for Java 7.40 was released and is now the default release for SAP GUI for Java. Since SAP GUI for Java 7.40 is currently not available on a DVD you need to proceed to the patches section on SAP Support Portal to download SAP GUI for Java 7.40.

SAP GUI 7.40 Windows Patches

KW Addon for SAP GUI 7.40

BI Addon for SAP GUI 7.40



You can download SAP GUI 7.30 Installation Software and Patches from the following links (SMP Login required)

SAP GUI 7.30 for Windows

SAP GUI 7.30 for MAC

SAP GUI 7.30 for JAVA

SAP GUI for Java 7.30 is out of maintenance since 31st of March 2015. Please upgrade to SAP GUI for Java 7.40. Please download from the above links.

SAP GUI 7.30 Windows Patches

KW Addon for SAP GUI 7.30

BI Addon for SAP GUI 7.30



You can download Additional SAP GUI Tools from the following links (SMP Login required)

SAP Setup 9.0

SAP Screenreader Extensions

ECL Viewer 7.0

SAP Console 7.30

SAP GUI Installation Server Guide

Step-by-step instructions

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  1. Martin English

    Note that the 7.02 SAP Gui for Windows and 7.03 SAP GUI for Java are also available without an SMP logon, via the SCN Download pages


    <out of date>

    Goto the download pages

    Find  the link SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 SP4 64-bit WIN Trial Edition and follow it. You will get a page that gives you a brief description of the Application Server release etc. Near the top of the page there is a link Click here for download. Follow this link and you will get the SAP Download – License Agreement for (in my case, anyway) SAP NetWeaver ABAP Trial Win 64 bit Version.


    The Windows GUI is the second option

    The JAVA GUI is the bottom option


    </out of date>



    As of February 12, 2015;

    Go to the SAP Store and find the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 64-bit Trial.


    fill out a form (any old rubbish will do), except you MUST supply a valid email address,

    SAP will send you email you a link that is valid for 48 hours only.

    The resulting page will contain links to:

      ABAP Trial 7.02 SP11 Win 64 bit Version with Gateway 2.0 SP04

      SAP NetWeaver ABAP Trial 7.02 SP11 Win 64 bit Version, 3.387 GB

      SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.03 SP04 64-bit Trial, 3.912 GB

      SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.03 SAP GUI for Java

      SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 PL4 HF1, 121 MB


    I’ve downloaded and installed this SAP GUI release; it only contains the bare minimum required to access an ABAP system, which may be enough for you. It does not contain the ECV, KW or other components that a licensed version from gives you.




    1. Jakub Walenda

      Hello Martin


      I’ve tried to install the last item from your list

      SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 PL4 HF1, 121 MB

      and i get below error at the beginning:


      Is there any workaround to intall it on my Win 8.1 64bit software? I cannot change my Java version (now it is Java 8). The first point of above information is even more concerning – as i already know from this thread, SAP GUI 7.20 is no longer supported. Any idea how can i bring it to an end?

      1. Martin English

        Hi Jakub Walenda,

        The old “multiple release of java” problem


        I’ve this issue with other SAP software. basically there’s two options

        First (which is what i do)

        • Decide which JAVA release is going to be your “standard” one,
        • Set up your JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH and PATH variables for this release
        • Install the other release(s) of Java in their own library
        • for each of the tools that need the “other” java, write a BAT or other script that
        • – sets the environment variables for the appropriate release of Java
        • – executes the tool you want
        • – resets the environment variables back to standard
        • I also have another script that just sets the environment variables to “standard” (just in case)..


        This worked for me when I needed different releases of java for the SAP gui and for the Software Download tool. It’s also a bit less cumbersome to use compared to another option I’ve seen, which is is to have two users on the machine;

        one with environment variables for your “standard” java, and another with environment variables for your “other” java.


        In your case, you can’t use the HTML GUI, because you need a SAP GUI to configure the system for the HTML GUI.


        This whole business would be a lot easier to manage (on 64bit machines, at least) if SAP just pulled their finger out and bought SAP GUI into the 21st century by releasing a 64bit version.




        EDIT: I checked on SAP Note 66971 – Supported SAP GUI platforms and Windows and it’s a compatibility issue:

        Platform support for Windows 8.1

        Windows 8.1 is supported from SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 Patch Level 6 Hotfix 1 onwards.

        Platform support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

        As of SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 patchlevel 1 Windows 8 is supported (see below for more information). Additionally as of SAP GUI for

        Windows 7.30 patchlevel 2 Windows Server 2012 is supported

        Depending on your Windows 8.1 level (professional, executive, whatever they call them now), you can try running XP mode

        1. Jakub Walenda



          Thank you for you help. I’ve managed to install GUI by downgrading my Java version to 7th 32bit. It’s efficient resolution if you currently don’t need latest version of JAVA. Moreover, when i tried to upgrade it to 8th after SAP was successfully installed on my machine it also succeeded. It seems that java 7th 32bit is needed only for installation process

  2. Stuart Robinson

    Hi there, new to the Community Portal. I signed up to download the Windows GUI, when I attempt to do so, it prompts for a user name and password.


    How does one obtain such? Is it the same as any other user protocol I would have? Or is it a separate credential to that which I log in to the Community Portal with?



    1. Matt Fraser

      Probably the biggest things for us, on the Windows version at least, is a) support, and b) Windows 8 compatibility.  720 is no longer supported, and also was not (officially) compatible with Windows 8.  I know there is more, but these were the most obvious and visible things.

    1. Syed Ahtesham

      When you say about sap basis you must think about a person (Admin) who install, configure, update,patch,migrate,troubleshoot any technical problem on sap system and manage all the daily operations for that specific sap system or system landscape (many system).

      Where as a Sap solution manager is a central support and for system management suite. As in many organisation sap systems landscape have many installed sap and non sap systems and sap solution manager centralizes the management of these systems. So sap basis person (Admin) manages sap systems via sap solution manager. If you want to learn about solution manager then first you need to get training on sap basis then solution manager. To become a sap solution manager you need to be a expert in sap basis topics.

  3. Ankur Kaushik

    i am trying the above links to download the SAP GUI for windows 7 but getting a message that you are not authorized to download…i have the S user id also but could not download…please help…

      1. Jürgen Hartwig

        It’s only helpfully for people which works in a company but not for ‘S’-Use-ONLY.


        “You have navigated to a point where there are no downloads available for your account.”


        My S-User is totally messed up and SAP is not able to fix it.


        They put an administrator/company into my user profile which I don’t even know.

        I had already some emails back and for… and that’s it. The solution: waste more time for emails back and for.

  4. Osman Altindal

    As SAP GUI is just a client to be used with a SAP User license and further more it is free to download, I suppose that SAP GUI is freeware. Is there any reference from SAP somewhere that brings light into the SAP GUI license issue?

  5. Juan Ignacio Mauricio Isla Cortes

    Hello, I have mi User, I try to download the sap gui 7.40 and the patch but the system ask me again for my user and password, I write them but does´t accept my ID and password.

    Do anyone can help me?, can yo send me a email with that info..

    Thanks a lot

    Juan Ignacio

    1. Matt Fraser

      Juan Ignacio,


      Your SCN userID isn’t the same as a Support Portal userID, and you need a Support Portal userID (an “S-user”) to download software from the Support Portal. To get one of these, you generally must be an SAP customer, partner, or employee; if you are, you should find out who is the “super-administrator” for your company and talk to that person to assign you a userID. Or, alternatively, to provide you with the SAPGUI software.




    1. Carroll M

      Hi Vinita,


      First of all, extract that zipped file. If you want to install in to your local PC, just navigate deeper through the folder BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.40_Comp._3_\PRES1\GUI\WINDOWS\WIN32 and execute setup all.



      Carroll M

  6. Byron Valdivieso

    Hi, I am new in SAP, I would like to lear it by myself.
    What I need to do it?
    Where can I create the SMP Login?
    Where can I practice with SAP for free?



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