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Tool/Report to restart a process chain


Sometimes a process chain fails at particular step due to some kind of error.

  • Data is loaded by using process chain
  • Data is loaded successfully in several DSOs / InfoCubes, but the process chain failed on one step
  • We maually correct the upload and do not use Repair function of the process chain
  • The process chain should be restarted from “One Step Ahead” where it was failed as the manual corrections are done and loaded data.

Common steps

  • Getting instance Information of the process chain step that was errornous
  • Right-click the faulty step and select the “Displaying Messages” option
  • Copy the Variantand Instance from screen
  • Use Transaction SE11 or SE16 and select the table – RSPCPROCESSLOG
  • Put the value for variant and instance into corresponding fields
  • Open a new Modus with /OSE38 and start the programm RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH
  • Enter the values in the fields received from above table and make the STATE field as „Gā€Ÿ
  • Execute the programm

Put all the steps into a Report

The mention steps are not complicated but quite annyoing. That’s why I decided to put them into a Report where you have to enter “Variant” and “Instance” only once!

DATA:    lv_variant  TYPE rspcprocesslogvariante,
              lv_instance  TYPE rspcprocessloginstance,

              wa_rspcpro  TYPE rspcprocesslog.

PARAMETERSp_vari      LIKE lv_variant  OBLIGATORY,
              p_inst      LIKE lv_instance  OBLIGATORY.


SELECT SINGLE * FROM rspcprocesslog
          INTO wa_rspcpro
          WHERE variante = p_vari AND instance = p_inst.


IF wa_rspcpro IS NOT INITIAL.

    i_logid        = wa_rspcprolog_id
*    I_CHAIN        =
    i_type          = wa_rspcprotype
    i_variant      = wa_rspcprovariante
    i_instance      = wa_rspcproinstance
    i_state        = ‘G’
*    I_EVENTNO      =
*    I_HOLD          =
*    I_JOB_COUNT    =
    i_batchdate    = wa_rspcprobatchdate
    i_batchtime    = wa_rspcprobatchtime


IF sysubrc = 0.

WRITE: / ‘……...



RSPCPROCESSLOG – Logs for the Chain Runs

Field Text
VARIANTE Process Variant (Name)
INSTANCE Process Instance (Value)
LOG_ID Log-ID of a Process Chain Run
TYPE Process Type
BATCHDATE Release Date for Background Scheduling
BATCHTIME Release time of scheduled background job

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      Author's profile photo Anshu Lilhori
      Anshu Lilhori


      Its really helpful and useful for monitoring team atleat they can save some amount of time.




      Author's profile photo Loed Despuig
      Loed Despuig

      Hi Christian,

      Great work in compiling all the steps in just one window! šŸ˜Ž