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Tool/Report to restart a process chain


Sometimes a process chain fails at particular step due to some kind of error.

  • Data is loaded by using process chain
  • Data is loaded successfully in several DSOs / InfoCubes, but the process chain failed on one step
  • We maually correct the upload and do not use Repair function of the process chain
  • The process chain should be restarted from “One Step Ahead” where it was failed as the manual corrections are done and loaded data.

Common steps

  • Getting instance Information of the process chain step that was errornous
  • Right-click the faulty step and select the “Displaying Messages” option
  • Copy the Variantand Instance from screen
  • Use Transaction SE11 or SE16 and select the table – RSPCPROCESSLOG
  • Put the value for variant and instance into corresponding fields
  • Open a new Modus with /OSE38 and start the programm RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH
  • Enter the values in the fields received from above table and make the STATE field as „Gā€Ÿ
  • Execute the programm

Put all the steps into a Report

The mention steps are not complicated but quite annyoing. That’s why I decided to put them into a Report where you have to enter “Variant” and “Instance” only once!

DATA:    lv_variant  TYPE rspcprocesslogvariante,
              lv_instance  TYPE rspcprocessloginstance,

              wa_rspcpro  TYPE rspcprocesslog.

PARAMETERSp_vari      LIKE lv_variant  OBLIGATORY,
              p_inst      LIKE lv_instance  OBLIGATORY.


SELECT SINGLE * FROM rspcprocesslog
          INTO wa_rspcpro
          WHERE variante = p_vari AND instance = p_inst.


IF wa_rspcpro IS NOT INITIAL.

    i_logid        = wa_rspcprolog_id
*    I_CHAIN        =
    i_type          = wa_rspcprotype
    i_variant      = wa_rspcprovariante
    i_instance      = wa_rspcproinstance
    i_state        = ‘G’
*    I_EVENTNO      =
*    I_HOLD          =
*    I_JOB_COUNT    =
    i_batchdate    = wa_rspcprobatchdate
    i_batchtime    = wa_rspcprobatchtime


IF sysubrc = 0.

WRITE: / ‘……...



RSPCPROCESSLOG – Logs for the Chain Runs

Field Text
VARIANTE Process Variant (Name)
INSTANCE Process Instance (Value)
LOG_ID Log-ID of a Process Chain Run
TYPE Process Type
BATCHDATE Release Date for Background Scheduling
BATCHTIME Release time of scheduled background job

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