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How to expand a search help in SAP HCM

We are  going to create a search help for the second name for the employee master data. We are going to describe it in the following steps:

  1. Review of existing search helps, making sure that none meets our needs.

We entered the transaction PA20, and open the matchcode on Employee Number field. We search various search helps available, but none for this item.

  2. Locate the standard search help.

We position on the field and press F1. In this case, the search help is defined in the dynpro, and it is shown in the technical information field. But the information had been available there would have had to come to the table definition (RP50G in this case) or to the data element (PERNR_D) to find it.

We access to the transaction SE11 and consult the help PREM. It is a search help consists of several simple search helps (which are that we can select them to search).

We will take as a model the search help PREMN, which is the most similar to our needs.

3. Locate the fields you want to search.

Information of last name of the employee is in the table PA0002, field NACH2

4. Creating search help (ZPREMN).

In transaction SE11 we can copy the search help PREMN in the new search help ZPREMN. We create the view that includes the field that is missed (we´ll see it in step 5) and make the adjustment of the parameters of help as follows:

In the  Column PosS fields indicate the fields that appear in the search help when we entered it and in what order. In this case the fields are NCHMD (1st name), nach2 (2nd last) and VNAMC (name). These are the fields that allow us to restrict the search results.

In the PI column indicate the fields that appear in the search results and in what order. The field PERNR (employee number) is marked in EXP column as return value to the field where is using the search help.

In the help you can define other parameters, such as type dialog when running the help, if we have a hot key, or an exit associated to the help (to allow other customizations).

5. Creating the view associated with the search help.

The search help a new view, as mentioned above, it has fields that are not available in the view  M_PREMN (which is used by the help PREMN). To do this, create the view ZM_PREMN as a copy of that, and add the field nach2.

In this case it is not necessary, but in others it may be necessary to include new tables, fields and the corresponding relationships between existing tables to correctly define the view.

6. Assign in the standard search help

In transaction SE11, we modify the standard help PREM, and include the search help created. It is essential to work properly perform the assignment of parameters, which is the link between the aid of simple query (we created) and compound search assistance which includes.

The search help allows you to search by last name and also display this data in search results

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      Former Member

      Hi Manuel,

      I would like to ask for your help on how to use the PRATE operation.

      Could I send to you my issue via email?


      Author's profile photo MANUEL CAMPOS
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rye C ,send me your question:

      Regards, Manuel

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      Former Member


      How can we modify a standard SAP search help? System will not allow  ryt?

      Author's profile photo Karsten Pries
      Karsten Pries

      For future readers: Note the modification free change using BADI HRPAD00_PREM as described in note 537338 and (sorry, german only).