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hanaDB installation on laptop worked …..

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  • i have this document while go-ogling try it , it may work

    1. Download SAP HANA from SAP Software Download Center.

    You can reach the installation packs through SAP Software Download Center > Installations and Upgrades > A-Z Index > H > HANA > SAP HANA Enterprise Edition (I tried this one but you can also try others as well).

    2. Download and install SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications

    SAP HANA is compiled for Linux for the time being and as far as I know Windows version is not released so far. For this reason, you need to have Linux and SAP recommends to install it on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications. It is free and by just registering you are able to download SUSE. I can also say that installation is easy as Windows and don’t be afraid of dealing with Linux. I had used other Linux distributions in the past but not SUSE. I really liked working with SUSE.

    3. TryVmware Workstation

    You can either install SUSE on your laptop or you can use virtual machine softwares to install it. If you install it on a virtual machine then you can also share virtual machine file with your colleagues later. I recommend you to use Vmware Workstation to install SUSE. You can try workstation free for 30 Days. With this way, you can also switch easily with your Windows and SUSE.

    4.I installed SUSE on Vmware on an i5 laptop and allocated 4gb physical memory and 60gb disk space for the virtual machine. I experienced that with less than 4gb physical memory installation is terminated so if you will also try virtual machine way then I recommend you to have at least 6gb of physical memory otherwise you will have serious performance issues with your laptop.

    5.Once you installed Vmware and SUSE then you can continue with extracting installation files on SUSE on /tmp/HANA. You can both install via command line or you can try to installation master for installation. If you are not familiar with command line then go for installation master. Installation is quite easy comparing to SAP BW installation and takes around 15 min depending on your hardware configuration.

    6.You can install either via using Installation Master or you can first install Hana DB server then SAP HANA client, host agent and studio separately. Installation Master helps you in installing all components at once but I tried to install all components separately.

    7.Before starting installation, you will need to make changes on file which checks whether you hardware meet with requirements or not. Without changing one line in that file, most probably installation will get terminated. In order to avoid termination, search and find file and in that file find the lines if rc==0: print ‘\nHardware check failed!!\n’ and replace if rc==0 with another you value like if rc==8. Additionally, enable name server on SUSE if you didn’t do during installation of SUSE.

    8. Installation screens are very similar with SAP BW installation ones and for SAP HANA you are also defining system id, instance number, installation path, location for data volumes, location for logs, system user and password. Once you configured all, installation starts and it will take 15 minutes to be completed. Once installation is completed, you can perform post installation activities and start the SAP HANA system.

      • time to find a new job then 🙂

        to be honest I think companies need to be careful with this,

        being a Hana customer will be a lever to attracting the best

        SAP talent

        when I look for future roles it will be high on my criteria whether

        the potential company is a hana customer or planning to implement


        this is not the time for our skills to be left behind

        All the best,