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Creating Rule and Binding to table in SAP IS

Hi Users,

Below are some simple steps to create a rule and bind it to table in SAP IS.

For example I’m using Check of NULL and Blanks into a column.

Step 1: Go to the rule tab and click on New to create new rule


Step 2: This will show you below Rule Editor window


Step 3. Give a rule name as required, Quality Dimension as Completeness and Create a parameter to pass column value to the rule.

Creat a rule in Advace Editor as belwo given image tha will create auto code as below:


$Completeness IS NOT NULL

AND $Completeness != ”;



Rule created as above will check for null and blanks in the column.

After creating save and close it.

Step 4. It will show you that rule in below table under Completeness tab.


Step 5: Now to bind rule to columns Select the particular rule and click on ‘Bind’ button which will open a Rule Binding Editor for that particular rule


In Rule Binding Editor bind the columns one by one using Save button, then at last click save and close to come out from this editor. You can set threshold also for each column separately.

Hope this information will help in your development work.


Ankit Bansal.

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