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Time wage type selection rules—Generation of time wage types without T.E

We all know that Time Evaluation (T.E) is a program which generates overtime hours, absence or attendance quota and check working time provisions of employees.  These overtime hours would then be valuated in Payroll.  But here, my intention is to show how overtime hours maintained in Overtime infotype (2005) are picked up  and valuated by the system when the Time Management Status is zero or 7 (Time evaluation without payroll integration), based on the conditions specified in T510S table (Time wage type selection table)

The configuration steps are as follows:

  1. Copy TMOD PCR and customize it to set MODIF W to a value as per custom requirement based on organizational assignment . For example, here TMOD was copied into RTOD and MODIF W set to 56 (here) based on payroll area of the employees.  Here, 56 is assigned to 3 ESG for PCR .i.e., to salaried employees as follows in the screenshot:

ScreenHunter_168 May. 28 18.19.jpg

2.Similarly create a custom subschema of TC00( here RC00) and insert RTOD into it.  Then create custom subschema of XT00( here MRT0) and insert  RC00 into it.  Finally, insert custom subschema MRT0 into custom International Payroll Schema (MR00).

ScreenHunter_169 May. 28 18.22.jpg

ScreenHunter_170 May. 28 18.24.jpg

ScreenHunter_171 May. 28 18.25.jpg

3.The relevant wage types to be generated  must be created and assigned valuation bases in V_512W_B—this is a pre-requisite. Here 3341 to 3348 eage types are created and assigned valuation basis as follows: 3341,3342, 3343 and 3344 are overtime wage types while 3345, 3346, 3347 and 3348 are bonus wage types

ScreenHunter_172 May. 28 18.37.jpg

ScreenHunter_173 May. 28 18.39.jpg

ScreenHunter_174 May. 28 18.39.jpg

ScreenHunter_175 May. 28 18.40.jpg

4.Define Generation rules based on time wage type selection rule group value (56) and Day grouping (Standard) as key parameters, specifying the various conditions a time pair must fulfill to generate the relevant wage type.

ScreenHunter_177 May. 28 19.05.jpg

ScreenHunter_178 May. 28 19.06.jpg

ScreenHunter_179 May. 28 19.07.jpg

ScreenHunter_180 May. 28 19.09.jpg

5.  After this , maintain over time hours in Overtime infotype (2005) and run payroll to see wage type generation.

a. Overtime on workday (wage type 3341)

ScreenHunter_181 May. 28 19.12.jpg

b.  Overtime on Sunday (wage type 3342)

ScreenHunter_182 May. 28 19.15.jpg

c. Overtime on Holiday (wage type 3344)

ScreenHunter_183 May. 28 19.16.jpg

Display of Payroll log:

ScreenHunter_184 May. 28 19.19.jpg

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      This document is so helpful. but you didn't mention about the Wage types (3341 to 3348) from which STD WT we have to copy ?

      Please do document for the positive Time managament with "Time Evaluation with Actual Times"

      i am searching for that.

      Thanks and Best Regards,

      praneeth kumar

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Praneeth,

      I was using X000 International Payroll Schema...therefore, I copied M110 model wage type for Overtime into 3341 to 3348