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Purpose:While creating InfoCube we may use huge number of infoobjects at the same time we may
NOT use all infoobjects in BEx Report .

Disadvantages of holding unused infoobjects in InfoCube:

  • Occupy database space
  • No room for new dimension’s for enhancing InfoCube
    with new infoobjects (Ex Merging new company data with existing cube)

How to identify such unused infoobjects in InfoCube

Step 1: To get list infobojects used in Infocube goto table RSDCUBEIOBJ and give Infocube name execute

                For Mulitprovider use table RSDICMULTIIOBJ

                For DSO/ODS used table RSDODSOIOBJ

                For Infoset use table RSQFOBJ


Step 2: Download all content in excel sheet

Step 3: Use following ABAP Code, it will generate one excel sheet in given path

Step 4: Filter value 1KYFNM with in column E and delete all records and after delete duplicate infoobjects.

Step 5: Compare both sheets infoobjects with VLOOKUP function in excel sheet. (InfoObjects
which are not there in excel sheet which is generated through ABAP program those are unused infoobjects)

RSZ_X_COMPONENT_GET:Function module pull all infoobjects used in report (like in selections, filters and restricted key figures)

CODE Attached to the BLOG.

Note: You may change ABAP code as per your requirement.

Please find the new enhanced ABAP program to display unused infoobjects.

How To Find Unused InfoObjects Part – 1.

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  1. Manohar Delampady

    Hi Nanda,

        A great blog indeed. Just the thing I was looking for to optimize my newly created infocube. I’ve figured out some RED dimensions from SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGN, and I hope this blog will help me drive the final nail into the coffin and remove unwanted infoobjects, there by optimizing the design.


      Manohar. D

  2. Former Member

    Hello Nanda,

    as I worked with attachted Report for a lot of Cubes now, I see, that the variable works for Cubes with 8 Digits only — but a lot of Cubes have 9 Digits, as SAP allows 9 Digits.

    Could you provide an updated code.txt?



    1. Anshu Lilhori

      I have just gone through the code the only thing which needs to be changed

      Parameter w_cube(9) type c OBLIGATORY

      Give it a try and see if that works or not.



  3. M Tibollo


    ST13 –> input BW-TOOLS –> choose infoobject usage –> F8 –> input your cube/multicube –> F8

    ==> you get a list with all the queries on this cube/Multicube and which infoobjects are used in these queries.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Nanda,

    This Article looks helpful.

    Can you please paste complete ABAP code in your post it self, as my company policies not allowing me to download ZIP files.




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