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Easy-to-use AS2 software – part I

Why this little blog?

For a while, I was looking for easy-to-use software to test the AS2 adapter, as part of the B2B add-on.

Now that I have found it and used it, I want to share it with the community.


The software I recently downloaded and installed is Mendelson AS2 1.1 build 39.

The installation is very user-friendly and the configuration is really straight forward.

You can connect it to your SAP PI/PO machine in no time (http://<host>:<port>/AS2).

Also, the use of encryption and the MDN (Message Delivery Notification) is easy to configure.

Just one attention point

The keystores used by Mendelson are password protected using password ‘test’.

If you change that, please be aware that you need to edit the keystores manually (via Portecle for example) to put the new password in.

If you do not do that, you get this error PKCS12 key store mac invalid – wrong password or corrupted file.

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    • Hi Peter,

      I will definitely do that.

      Are there any specifics you want to see in that blog? Any errors you face(d)?

      Or are you looking for a specific setup or configuration?

      Kind regards,


  • Hi Dimitri,

          I am using this software to send an EDI message to PI Addon AS2 Sender Adapter. All the certificates have been setup. I am getting below error when sending the message from Mendelson.

    MessageHTTPUploader.performUpload: [SSLPeerUnverifiedException]: peer not authenticated

    Another question is what is the 'Excepted URL-Path' configuration in PI AS2 Sender


    Please note that sending from PI AS2 Adapter  to Mendelson AS2 software is working fine.



    • Dear Srikanth,

      Start the Mendelson tool on your pc and go to menu File -> Reload keystore.

      Make sure that your message specifics in then sender AS2 adapter are the same as those in the Mendelson partner definition.

      Also a very important part is the receipt URL under the Send tab.

      I tested with these 2:

      • http://<host>:<port>/AS2
      • http://<host>:<port>/AS2/AS2AdapterFacade?FS=<sender business component>&TS=<receiver business component>&IF=<interface>&NS=<namespace>

      In case the error persists please type this into Google: mendelson as2 SSLPeerUnverifiedException. You will find a lot of leads.

      The 'Excepted URL-Path' parameter determines the URL from which you receive the messages. See SAP help for more information.

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Dimitri,

             Thanks for your reply. This was a huge help and I was able to resolve the issues. Now I can send and receive AS2 messages. Your new article "Easy-to-use AS2 Software - Part II" really helped me.

        Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Dimitri,

    I have a scenario similar to what has been detailed by you above. I am using AS2 - RSSBus software(Hope there is no much difference between using Mendelson AS2 or AS2 RSSBus) to trigger EDIFACT data to PI 7.4. I am very new to B2B Addon and B2B integration. Please let me know

    1.How the certificates of AS2 system need to be configured in PI so that data from AS2 reaches PI ?

    2.How to configure the Public/Private Keys for encryption and decryption?

    3. What parameter values of AS2 system should I configure in my AS2 sender comm channel in PI?

    Appreciate your guidance as I am not sure how to do this.



    • Hi Vish,

      Did you have a look at the blog's second part? Here it is:

      You basically need 2 key stores (.p12 files): 1 delivered with the AS2 software and 1 created with the NetWeaver Administrator.

      Within a key store, you have a private and public key available.

      What you need to do is import the SAP PO'spublic key into the AS2 software keystore and the other way around. In that case, they 'know' each other and can exchange message in a secure way.

      Hope this clarifies.

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Dimitri,

        Thanks a lot for your response and assistance.

        I have created new keystores and certificates for mendelson and SAP PI using Portecle software with new password. I replaced the existing certificates.p12 file in the Mendelson Installed directory with the new file and changed the password in the File->Preferences->Security in Mendelson system. When I try reload the keystores option, I am getting an error as below -

        The system is unable to read the underlaying certificates. Error message: "PKCS12 key store mac invalid - wrong password or corrupted file.". Please ensure that you are using the correct keystore password.

        Please assist where am I missing things here. Let me know if any details required to assist fixing my issue.

        Thanks a lot for the assistance.



        • Hi Dimitri,

          Facing a strange issue with Mendelson AS2 system. After I close the Mendelson system and restarted the application, I got an error

          PKCS12 key store mac Invalid - wrong password or corrupted file.

          I restored the certificates.p12 into the installed directory which was there by default and tried again. But no luck. So I uninstalled the Mendelson Software completely and reinstalled the Mendelson system. But even then I get the same error as above. Please guide me what is the issue and how to fix this.

          Not a good day at all for me with these issues.



          • Hi Vish,

            Try to group your questions together to make sure I do not miss one.

            Now, it is hard to reply to them all because they are everywhere.

            Let me give it a try:


            PKCS12 key store mac Invalid - wrong password or corrupted file.


            Did you change the password of the Mendelson key store?

            Try to retype the default password (test I guess) in the keystore's preferences and restart Mendelson.


            The system is unable to read the underlaying certificates. Error message: "PKCS12 key store mac invalid - wrong password or corrupted file.". Please ensure that you are using the correct keystore password.


            See above.


            For (nasty) Mendelson errors, take a look at


            Also where do I need to JCE in SAP PI system and where can I find the local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar in SAP PI and Mendelson AS2 to replace.


            Do a search on you SAP PI operating system. You will find the files.Of course, for the Mendelson part, look on the machine where the software is installed.

            Kind regards,


            PS: in case you still face errors, please open a thread on this community. The space to reply here is getting to narrow.

  • Hi Dimitri,

    I have tried to do the scenario with out using the keys and certificates but i am getting following error

    [3:37:05 PM] mendelson_opensource_AS2-1400062025075-5@AS2Ident_AS2: Outgoing message signed with the algorithm SHA-1,using keystore alias "Key2".

    [3:37:05 PM] mendelson_opensource_AS2-1400062025075-5@AS2Ident_AS2: Outgoing message has not been encrypted.

    [3:37:05 PM] mendelson_opensource_AS2-1400062025075-5@AS2Ident_AS2: Outbound AS2 message created from "Test_data_for_AS2.xml" for the receiver "AS2_Test" in 58ms, raw message size: 2.28 KB

    [3:37:05 PM] mendelson_opensource_AS2-1400062025075-5@AS2Ident_AS2: Sending AS2 message to http://<hostname>:<portnumber>/as2, async MDN requested at

    [3:37:06 PM] mendelson_opensource_AS2-1400062025075-5@AS2Ident_AS2: Transmission failed, remote AS2 server reports "Not Found".

    [3:37:06 PM] mendelson_opensource_AS2-1400062025075-5@AS2Ident_AS2: HTTP 404

    [3:37:06 PM] mendelson_opensource_AS2-1400062025075-5@AS2Ident_AS2: Message payload stored to "C:\mendelson\opensource\as2\messages\AS2_Test\error\AS2_sender\20140514\AS2Message7500630317946930617.as2".

    [3:37:06 PM] mendelson_opensource_AS2-1400062025075-5@AS2Ident_AS2: Raw outgoing message stored to "C:\mendelson\opensource\as2\messages\AS2_Test\error\AS2_sender\20140514\raw\error6130312685946943105.raw".

    I have checked the url http://<hostname>:<portnumber>/AS2 in the browser but i am getting the

    "USE post request to submit AS2 messages" please help me in solving this problem.



    • Hi Avinash,

      Make sure you do the exact steps when you work with Mendelson. They are required.

      Please do verify the web site.

      In case you still face issues, please open a separate thread. That offers more space and a nice overview.

      Thank you


  • I know this blog is pretty old, but I faced an error mentioned and I would like to provide the solution I found.

    PKCS12 key store mac Invalid – wrong password or corrupted file.

    Pretty self explanatory but how to solve it?

    Since the program won't open, you have to find this configuration at Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe). Search (CTRL + F) for as2 or mendelson and you will find the appropriate configuration key foulder and therefore the key. For me it was :


    Not sure if it will be the same for everyone here. After deleting the line, I was able to open Mendelson AS2 again.

    As you might have guessed, the problem here is that Windows Registry entries are not cleaned after uninstall. It may be related to the fact that I am not administrator in my work station.


    This solution is also relevant for error:

    Invalid Keystore Format 

    Which is what you get when Mendelson AS2 cannot find the certificate file.