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SAP Business One 9 – List Of New Tables

Data Base difference between SAP 8.82 Pl 11 And SAP 9….

The below tables are newly added Tables…..

AAC1 Asset Classes – Depreciation Areas
AACS Asset Classes
AADT Fixed Assets Account Determination
ABAT Attribute
ABFC Bin Field Configuration
ABIN Bin Location
ABSL Warehouse Sublevel
ACD1 Credit Memo – Rows
ACD2 Credit Memo – Area Journal Transactions
ACD3 Credit Memo – Item Areas
ACQ1 Capitalization – Rows
ACQ2 Capitalization – Area Journal Transactions
ACQ3 Capitalization – Item Areas
ACS1 Asset Classes – Depreciation Areas
ADG1 Discount Groups Rows
ADMC GL Account Determination – Criteria
ADO19 Bin Allocation Data
ADO20 Intrastat Expenses
ADPA Fixed Asset Depreciation Areas
ADT1 Depreciation Types – Rows
ADTP Fixed Assets Depreciation Types
AEDG Discount Groups
AFA1 Asset Document – Rows
AFA2 Asset Document – Area Journal Transactions
AFAD Asset Document
AGAR G/L Account Advanced Rules
AIGW Item Group – Warehouse
AIN1 Inventory Counting – Rows
AIN2 Inventory Counting – UoM
AIN3 Inventory Count – SnB
AINC Inventory Stock Counting
AIQI Inventory Initial Quantity
AIQR Inventory Stock Posting (Reconcile)
AIT11 Asset Item Period Control
AIT13 Asset Attributes
AIT5 Asset Item Projects
AIT6 Asset Item Distribution Rules
AIT7 Asset Item Depreciation Params
AIT8 Asset Item Balances
AIT9 Item – UoM Prices
AKL2 Pick List for SnB and Bin Details
AMR3 Inventory Revaluation SNB
APJ1 Project Plan Steps
APJ2 Project Plan Steps Time Record
APJT Project Plan
AQI1 Inventory Initial Qty Rows
AQI2 Inventory Count – SnB
AQR1 Inventory Stock Posting (Reconcile) Lines
AQR2 Inventory Counting – UoM
AQR3 Inventory Count – SnB
ASP1 Special Prices – Data Areas
ASP2 Special Prices – Quantity Areas
ASPP Special Prices
1-Aug UoM Group Detail
AUGP UoM Group
AUOM UoM Master Data
AWEX Workflow Engine Execution Entity
AWFQ SWFQ History Table
AWL1 Potential Processor of Tasks
AWL2 Input data for tasks
AWL3 Task Notes
AWL4 Task Output Data
AWL5 Task Field Mapping Information
AWLS Worklist
AWMG Workflow Manager
AWTS Workflow Engine Task Table
BOX4 Box Definition – Contra Accounts of Accounts
CCS1 Cycle Count Determination- Subtable
CIF1 Country Specific Information
CIN17 Correction Invoice – Bin Allocation Data
CIN18 Correction Invoice – Export Process
CIN19 Correction Invoice – Bin Allocation Data
CIN20 Intrastat Expenses
CPI19 A/P Correction Invoice – Bin Allocation Data
CPI20 Intrastat Expenses
CPL1 Quick Copy – Instance Log
CPV19 A/P Correction Invoice Reversal – Bin Allocation Data
CPV20 Intrastat Expenses
CRD9 OCRD Extension
CSI19 A/R Correction Invoice – Bin Allocation Data
CSI20 Intrastat Expenses
CSV17 A/R Correction Invoice Reversal – Bin Allocation Data
CSV18 A/R Correction Invoice Reversal – Export Process
CSV19 A/R Correction Invoice Reversal – Bin Allocation Data
CSV20 Intrastat Expenses
CUL1 Customer Usage Statistics Log
DLN19 Delivery – Bin Allocation Data
DLN20 Intrastat Expenses
DOC19 Mktg Docs – Bin Allocation Data
DOC20 Intrastat Expenses
DPI19 A/R Down Payment – Bin Allocation Data
DPI20 Intrastat Expenses
DPO19 A/P Down Payment – Bin Allocation Data
DPO20 Intrastat Expenses
DRF19 Draft – Bin Allocation Data
DRF20 Intrastat Expenses
DRN1 Depreciation Run – Posting
DRN2 Depreciation Run – Posting – Asset
DTP1 Depreciation Types – Rows
EDG1 Discount Groups Rows
FAA1 Asset Attributes – Rows
FAC1 Fixed Asset Parameter Change – Rows
FAC2 Fixed Asset Parameter Change – Period Control Change
FAD1 Asset Document – Rows
FAD2 Asset Document – Area Journal Transactions
FAD3 Asset Document – Item Areas
FAM1 Fixed Asset Data Migration – Rows
FAR1 Fixed Asset Revaluation – Rows
FIX1 Fixed Asset Transaction – Rows
FTR1 Transfer – Rows
FTR2 Transfer – Area Journal Transactions
FTR3 Transfer – Item Areas
ICD1 Inventory Counting Draft – Rows
ICD2 Inventory Counting Draft – UoM
ICD3 Inventory Count Draft – SnB
IEI19 Incoming Excise Invoice – Bin Allocation Data
IEI20 Intrastat Expenses
IGE19 Goods Issue – Bin Allocation Data
IGE20 Intrastat Expenses
IGN19 Goods Receipt – Bin Allocation Data
IGN20 Intrastat Expenses
INC1 Inventory Counting – Rows
INC2 Inventory Counting – UoM
INC3 Inventory Count – SnB
INV19 A/R Invoice – Bin Allocation Data
INV20 Intrastat Expenses
IOD1 Inventory Initial Qty Draft Rows
IOD2 Inventory Count Draft – SnB
IPD1 Inventory Stock Posting Draft (Reconcile) Lines
IPD2 Inventory Posting Draft – UoM
IPD3 Inventory Posting Draft – SnB
IQI2 Inventory Count – SnB
IQR2 Inventory Posting – UoM
IQR3 Inventory Posting – SnB
ISW1 Reported Business Partners
ISW2 Intrastat Reported Items
ISW3 Declaration Rows
ITM10 OITM Extension
ITM11 Asset Item Period Control
ITM12 UoM in Item
ITM13 Asset Attributes
ITM4 Package in Items
ITM5 Asset Item Projects
ITM6 Asset Item Distribution Rules
ITM7 Asset Item Depreciation Params
ITM8 Asset Item Balances
ITM9 Item – UoM Prices
IWB1 Batch No. Quantities Backup
IWB2 Serial No. Quantities Backup
MDP1 Manual Depreciation – Rows
MDP2 Manual Depreciation – Area Journal Transactions
MDP3 Manual Depreciation – Item Areas
MRV3 Inventory Revaluation SNB
MTH1V Journal Entries of External Reconciliation
MTH2V Bank Statements of External Reconciliation
MTH3V Filter for Query MTH
OACD Credit Memo
OACQ Capitalization
OACS Asset Classes
OADG Depreciation Groups
OADT Fixed Assets Account Determination
OAGS Asset Groups
OBAT Bin Location Attribute
OBBQ Item – Serial/Batch – Bin Accumulator
OBCD Bar Code Master Data
OBFC Bin Field Configuration
OBIN Bin Location
OBSL Warehouse Sublevel
OBTL Bin Transaction Log
OBVL Serial Numbers and Batch Valuation Log
OCCS Cycle Count Determination
OCIF Configuration of Intrastat Fields
OCIP Configuration of Integration Packages
OCPC Quick Copy Config.
OCPL Quick Copy Log Manager
OCSC Crystal Server Configuration
OCUC CUS Configuration
OCUL Customer Usage Statistics Log
ODCI Intrastat Configuration
ODMC GL Account Determination – Criteria
ODPA Fixed Asset Depreciation Areas
ODPP Depreciation Type Pools
ODPV Fixed Assets Depreciation Value
ODRN Depreciation Run
ODTP Fixed Assets Depreciation Types
OEDG Discount Groups
OEI19 Outgoing Excise Invoice – Bin Allocation Data
OEI20 Intrastat Expenses
OFAA Asset Attributes
OFAC Fixed Asset Parameter Change
OFAD Asset Document
OFAM Fixed Asset Data Migration
OFAR Fixed Asset Revaluation
OFDV Asset Item Values
OFEV Fixed Asset End Balances
OFIX Fixed Asset Transactions
OFPC Fixed Assets Fiscal Year Change
OFTR Transfer
OGAR G/L Account Advanced Rules
OIBQ Item – Bin Accumulator
OICD Inventory Stock Counting Draft
OIGW Item Group – Warehouse
OINC Inventory Stock Counting
OIOD Inventory Initial Quantity Draft
OIPD Inventory Stock Posting Draft (Reconcile)
OISW Intrastat Wizard
OIWB Items – Warehouse Counting Data Backup
OMDP Manual Depreciation
OPJT Project Plan
OPRQ Purchase Request
ORSB Resource Groups
ORSC Resource Master Data
ORSG Resource Properties
ORST Route Stages
ORTI Retirement
OSBQ Item – Serial/Batch – Bin Accumulator
OUGP UoM Group
OWEX Workflow Engine Execution Entity
OWFER Workflow Error Message
OWFI Workflow – Instances
OWIN Workflow Engine Information
OWJB Workflow Job Entity
OWLS Workflow – Task Details
OWMG Workflow Manager
OWTI Workflow Timer Definition
OWTJ Workflow Timer Job
OWTS Workflow Engine Task Table
PCH19 A/P Invoice – Bin Allocation Data
PCH20 Intrastat Expenses
PDN19 Goods Receipt PO – Bin Allocation Data
PDN20 Intrastat Expenses
PJT1 Project Plan Steps
PJT2 Project Plan Steps Time Record
PKL2 Pick List for SnB and Bin Details
PKLD Pick List Details
PLGW Pick List Generation Wizard
POR19 Purchase Order – Bin Allocation Data
POR20 Intrastat Expenses
PQT19 Purchase Quotation – Bin Allocation Data
PQT20 Intrastat Expenses
PRQ1 Purchase Request – Rows
PRQ10 Purchase Request – Row Structure
PRQ11 PR – Drawn DPM Detail
PRQ12 Purchase Request – Tax Extension
PRQ13 Purchase Request Rows – Distributed Expenses
PRQ14 Purchase Request – Assembly – Rows
PRQ15 PR – Drawn DPM Applied
PRQ16 Purchase Request – SnB Properties
PRQ17 Purchase Request – Bin Allocation Data
PRQ18 Purchase Request – Export Process
PRQ19 Purchase Request – Bin Allocation Data
PRQ2 Purchase Request – Freight – Rows
PRQ20 Intrastat Expenses
PRQ3 Purchase Request – Freight
PRQ4 Purchase Request – Tax Amount per Document
PRQ5 Purchase Request – Withholding Tax
PRQ6 Purchase Request – Installments
PRQ7 Delivery Packages – Purchase Request
PRQ8 Items in Package – Purchase Request
PRQ9 Purchase Request – Drawn DPM
QUT19 Sales Quotation – Bin Allocation Data
QUT20 Intrastat Expenses
RBIN Bin Location Report
RDN19 Returns – Bin Allocation Data
RDN20 Intrastat Expenses
RDR19 Sales Order – Bin AllocationData
RDR20 Intrastat Expenses
RIN19 A/R Credit Memo – Bin Allocation Data
RIN20 Intrastat Expenses
RPC19 A/P Credit Memo – Bin Allocation Data
RPC20 Intrastat Expenses
RPD19 Goods Return – Bin Allocation Data
RPD20 Intrastat Expenses
RSC1 Resources – Warehouses
RSC2 Resources – Prices
RTI1 Retirement – Rows
RTI2 Retirement – Area Journal Transactions
RTI3 Retirement – Item Areas
RTM2 Rate Differences – SC Adjustment Rows
UBTN Batch Numbers Master Data
UBVL Serial Numbers and Batch Valuation Log
UGP1 UoM Group Detail
VBIN Bin Location Virtual Table
WLS1 Potential Processor of Tasks
WLS2 Input data for tasks
WLS3 Notes of Tasks
WLS4 Task Output Data
WLS5 Task Field Mapping Information
WTQ19 Inventory Transfer Request – Bin Allocation Data
WTQ20 Intrastat Expenses
WTR19 Inventory Transfer – Bin Allocation Data
WTR20 Intrastat Expenses
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