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How to delete a solution in Solution Manager

*** Use the following procedure ONLY if deleting solution from solman_workcenter does not work well ***

In order to delete a solution do the following:

first deactivate:

       1.      Call the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center with the Solutions view.

       2.      Flag the solution.

       3.      Choose the Deactivate pushbutton.

Delete Solution:

       1.      Start the transaction ABAP Editor (SA38).

       2.      Run the program RDSMOPDELETESOLUTIONS.

       3.      Choose a solution from the possible entries help.

       4.      Confirm the confirmation prompt.

                    You get a list of the deleted data.

That’s it – your solution is deleted 🙂

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  • Hi Adi,

    Thanks for sharing, But we are able to see the delete button in the SM Administration work center too..

    have you checked??

    All the features are available in workcenter, we are not exactly suggest to use the reports. Please use the workcenter navigation in future.



    • Hi Jansi

      What version of solman are you referring to ?

      In my solman 7.1 SP4 ---> solman_workcenter --> Solution Manager Administration tab ---> Solutions ---> i can only see: New / Copy / Deactivate - but no Delete button.

      Could you please instruct me in more detail - where exactly is the delete button ?

      I would be happy to use it and to remove this blog post 🙂

      Thank you


  • Hello,

    Our Solman on 7.1 SP8 and the 'delete' buttion in SOLMAN_WORKCENTERsome time doesn't work properly.

    But both the options are very useful.

    Thanks a lot Adi and Jansi


  • Hello,

    I have just landed onto this blog when I had moment when I need to delete the unwanted "Solutions" the delete button only appears when you highlighted and Deactivated the solution item.


    • Thank you for your comment

      You are completely right, however it also depends on the SOLMAN version. In older versions the delete button is missing and also the procedure described in this blog is also relevant if the usual way for deleting - fails.