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Split Valuation Activation & its Material Master creation

Split Valuation Use: – For certain materials, it is necessary to evaluate the various stocks in a particular valuation area separately, this configuration guide will provide configuration details for activating split valuation for valuating in-house production and external procurement stocks. Also this document will show the procurement process of the split valuated materials.

Configuration of Split Valuation

1.1 Activation of split valuation

2013-05-25 17_29_23-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

1.2 Configure split valuation

2013-05-25 17_35_50-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

2013-05-25 17_37_13-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

For External Valuation type put

Valuation type = External

  1. Ext. Purchase Orders = 2

Acct cat. Reference = 2000

2013-05-25 17_38_50-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

Then click on Save.

Again click on Create tab to create In House valuation type.

For In House Valuation type put

Valuation type = In House

  1. Int. purchase orders = 2

Acct cat. Reference = 2000

2013-05-25 17_41_12-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

Then click on Save.

1.2.2 Create Global Category

2013-05-25 17_43_52-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

2013-05-25 17_45_45-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

Then Click on save.

1.2.3 Assign “Valuation types to Valuation categories” (Global)

  1. Global Categoriesà Types -> Cat. àPut a cursor on Valuation type and click “Activate”

2013-05-27 10_04_44-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg


By this way we can activate split valuation for in-house production & externally procured materials.

Split Valuation for Material

1.1 – Purpose

          The SAP R/3 System allows you to valuate stocks of a material either together or separately. According to different valuation criteria Split valuation is necessary, if stock from in-house production has a different valuation price than externally procured stock.

2.  Process :-

2.1 Creation Of Material Master

Create Material Master through MM01, and also select Accounting views

Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

image 3.jpg

image 4.jpg

image 5.jpg

image 6.jpg

2.2 – External procurement process of material

Step 1

Create P.O through Me21N , maintain the “valuation type” as external in delivery tab in item level.

image 7.jpg

Step- 2

Make goods receipt with respect to the P.O no,

image 8.jpg

2.3 — In – House production confirming for the same material,

Step- 1 Create production order

           T- code Co01

image 9.jpg

You can see in “Goods receipt” tab Valuation type is defaulted as “IN HOUSE”.

Now confirm the production order using T-code Co11N.

Check the stock over view in Transaction MMBE which shows stock for two different valuation types.

image 10.jpg

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