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Split Valuation Use: – For certain materials, it is necessary to evaluate the various stocks in a particular valuation area separately, this configuration guide will provide configuration details for activating split valuation for valuating in-house production and external procurement stocks. Also this document will show the procurement process of the split valuated materials.

Configuration of Split Valuation

1.1 Activation of split valuation

2013-05-25 17_29_23-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

1.2 Configure split valuation

2013-05-25 17_35_50-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

2013-05-25 17_37_13-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

For External Valuation type put

Valuation type = External

  1. Ext. Purchase Orders = 2

Acct cat. Reference = 2000

2013-05-25 17_38_50-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

Then click on Save.

Again click on Create tab to create In House valuation type.

For In House Valuation type put

Valuation type = In House

  1. Int. purchase orders = 2

Acct cat. Reference = 2000

2013-05-25 17_41_12-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

Then click on Save.

1.2.2 Create Global Category

2013-05-25 17_43_52-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

2013-05-25 17_45_45-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg

Then Click on save.

1.2.3 Assign “Valuation types to Valuation categories” (Global)

  1. Global Categoriesà Types -> Cat. àPut a cursor on Valuation type and click “Activate”

2013-05-27 10_04_44-Split Valuation_Config Doc.jpg


By this way we can activate split valuation for in-house production & externally procured materials.

Split Valuation for Material

1.1 – Purpose

          The SAP R/3 System allows you to valuate stocks of a material either together or separately. According to different valuation criteria Split valuation is necessary, if stock from in-house production has a different valuation price than externally procured stock.

2.  Process :-

2.1 Creation Of Material Master

Create Material Master through MM01, and also select Accounting views

Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

image 3.jpg

image 4.jpg

image 5.jpg

image 6.jpg

2.2 – External procurement process of material

Step 1

Create P.O through Me21N , maintain the “valuation type” as external in delivery tab in item level.

image 7.jpg

Step- 2

Make goods receipt with respect to the P.O no,

image 8.jpg

2.3 — In – House production confirming for the same material,

Step- 1 Create production order

           T- code Co01

image 9.jpg

You can see in “Goods receipt” tab Valuation type is defaulted as “IN HOUSE”.

Now confirm the production order using T-code Co11N.

Check the stock over view in Transaction MMBE which shows stock for two different valuation types.

image 10.jpg

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  1. JΓΌrgen L

    Well done – much better than the initial version

    if you activate the default for valuation type in creation of valuation category, then you do not need to enter the valuation type manually in a purchase order.

    1. Amit Anasane Post author

      Thanks very much Sir,

      Your appreciation gives me lot of confidence and do much more better work in future for our community for helping others. will definetly improve in future posts.

      thanks once again.

      with best regards,

      Amit Anasane

  2. Former Member

    Hi amit,

    thanks for the details explanation.. πŸ™‚

    can i do split valuation quality wise if yes please let me know how to achieve this.

    1. Amit Anasane Post author

      Hi Vidya,

      sorry for the late reply, you can define valuation category for quality grades of material and configure the split valuation depending upon quality of the material. thanks

  3. Amar Lal Lohano

    Hi Amit,

    First of all very useful explanation. Excellent one, I must say. 

    My question is that can we use Split Valuation for Normal Material procured from a vendor for own use and Donated Material provided by a Donor for onward distribution for relief purpose in a single Material Type? I want to keep the price of both the materials same, but want different valuation class for both, so that they can hit relevant GL’s in OBYC.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Amar Lal

    1. Former Member

      Hi Amar,

      My apology if i got you wrong. As per your question you are referring two different material masters, please correct me if I am wrong. If my understanding is correct, in split valuation concept, it is only one material master where we maintain different data at different valuation type levels.




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